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Monday, April 12, 2021

How a gangster killed 8 cops: Here’s all you need to know

Let’s focus on the Kanpur ambush that grabbed headlines lately. The sheer horror of the incident has made it a trending piece of news even with the pandemic going on.

Here are six questions that tell us all about the incident

1. What is the infamous Kanpur ambush?

On June 3, a team of eight policemen had gone to arrest infamous don Vikas Dubey in Kanpur’s Bikru village. Dubey has around 60 criminal cases, including, murder, abduction, rioting and extortion against him. When the police team reached Dubey’s lavish hideout, Dubey’s men fired at them indiscriminately from the rooftop. The fallen cops were given a tearful farewell on Saturday. This is the Kanpur ambush. Later, police sealed the entire area and launched a combing operation. But couldn’t arrest Dubey. The police recovered a large number of arms and ammunition by demolishing Dubey’s hideout.

2. Who is Vikas Dubey? What is his background?

Vikas Dubey is a hardcore criminal, real estate businessman and politician who is based in Kanpur. He is one of the most notorious history-sheeter (long criminal record). The first criminal case was lodged against him in 1990. Since then, total 60 cases have been filed against Dubey. He is even accused of killing a state minister inside a police station and a BJP leader. A resident of Bikru village, Dubey started his own gang in his youth. He started with land grabbing in his local area and allegedly murdered his business rivals. Dubey reportedly enjoys support by political party leaders. He often switches his party shelter to reap benefits. Dubey has links with several police officers, call records revealed. These officers have helped him escape the police net. Dubey’s wife Richa took part in local body elections.

3. What is Dubey’s aide saying?

The police arrested Dubey’s main aide Dayashankar Agnihotri within hours after the ambush. Agnihotri was present at the crime scene when Dubey’s men opened fire at the cops. He was staying at Dubey’s house that demolished after the ambush. Agnihotri tried to flee but failed to do so following bullet injuries in his leg. According to a report by The Telegraph, Agnihotri told reporters that Dubey had received a call from a police officer about his imminent arrest and therefore alerted his men to avert the situation.

4. What is Dubey’s mother saying?

According to a report by ANI, Dubey’smother Sarla Devi has said that police should kill his son after arrest as his acts were so vile. The gangster’s mother has said that his son should surrender and the police may kill them during an encounter. “I say kill him even if you manage to catch him because what he has done is very wrong,” Devi told ANI.

5. What are the police doing now?

UP police have formed 25 teams to nab Dubey. A special task force has been roped in too. A special team is also scanning 500 mobile phones to track the gangster’s present location.

The police have increased the bounty for the capture of Dubey from an initial Rs 50,000 to Rs 2.5 lakh. Earlier, the UP police suspended the station house officer of Chaubeypur police station for leaking information to Dubey about the ambush in which eight cops were killed. He is being interrogated on suspicion that he was Dubey’s informer. On Monday, they suspended three more officers who allegedly shared information with Dubey about his possible arrest. Many people suspect that these officers have been helping Dubey over the years to have a free run in UP. The cops could also be a part of the big conspiracy.

6. Did UP police, politicians help Dubey enjoy power?

Police were hand-in-glove with the gangster. Now, this claim has become even stronger owing to a letter written by one of the eight killed cops that has gone viral. According to a report by ThePrint, circle officer Devendra Mishra had written the letter to Kanpur SP Anant Dev in March. The letter said that officers often show sympathy towards Dubey and even slap less stringent charges against him. The letter had also alerted that if such sympathetic attitude continues against the gangster, serious incidents might unfold in the future.

Dubey was also active in politics. He used to polarise voters in support of his men by using political power. He also played a key role in determining the defeat and victory of candidates during any election with the help of terror. Manoj Shukla, brother of BJP leader Santosh Shukla, who Dubey had killed the leader inside a police station, said there were over 30 officers who witnessed the murder but acquitted Dubey as he enjoys political patronage.

But this is not something new in India. Right from Dawood Ibrahim, Chhota Rajan, Haji Mastan, Abu Salem, Tiger Memon, Varadarajan Mudaliar, the list is long. Dubey’s arrest and interrogation is the prime challenge for the UP police now. And this would further reveal the murky gangster-cop-politician nexus going for ages in India.

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