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Monday, April 12, 2021

Life in the post-Covid-19 world: Here’s how it’s gonna be for you

Life in the post-Covid-19 world will be different. Enhanced personal and community hygiene, use of protective gears and of course social distancing will mark our “rebirth”.

Does that mean no dine out, no weekend shopping, no hang outs and only Netflix and food apps to the rescue? Noway! We’ll be back to life with a bang!

After months of “house arrest”, people have started stepping outside this week. Businesses have resumed. While salons have already opened, shopping malls, restaurants, bars and gyms will do the same in phased manner from this month. But your entry/exit and way of doing things at these places will witness a sea change.

Your fav places in post-Covid-19 world: All you need to know

Shopping malls

India’s shopping malls will open from June 8. The shopping mall authorities have submitted some standard operating procedures to the Centre, declaring new rules and regulations. Some of them are:

Maximum three persons in an elevator, three steps to be kept empty between two people on an escalator. Retail stores will decide entry and exit of customers as per their store size, ideally one person in a 50 sqft store space.

Mall AC temperature to be around 24-30 degrees centigrade with sufficient room for fresh air circulation. Restricted trials of products and trial rooms. Minimum 2 metre gap between two persons at lounges. Strict surveillance about social distancing norms. Limited seats at foodcourts, more focus on takeaways.

Sufficient use of disinfectants, sanitizers, toilet papers, masks, face shield among other such things for both customers and mall staff.

Restaurants and bars

The food and beverage industry will take a different shape in the post-Covid-19 world. Here are the three major aspects that industry leaders are discussing to revive their businesses.

Focus on hygiene

Bars, cafes and restaurants will now launch stringent health and hygiene measures. In a country like India, this was long due. Good that the Covid-19 crisis pushed this to finally happen. Beside food and ambiance, now hygiene will be an important factor for diners to choose their eateries.

Compulsory masks, thermal checkup and hand sanitizers are likely to welcome you at a restaurant. CCTV-installed kitchens, protective gears for chefs and helps, restricted entry and gap between customers will be followed. Restaurant owners believe the biggest challenge will be to convince customers that they’re safe at the outlet and so is their food. Some big players have already started advertising their safety and hygiene measures. Others are mooting to launch self-service counters to avoid contact.

Ensure zero waste

Restaurants will try several innovative ways to feed their customers till they get their earlier growth back after the Covid-19 crisis. This lockdown and quarantine have made us realize the value of food. So your favorite dineout places will focus more on zero waste practices and sensible cooking. Short, simple yet innovative menu will keep the market going, say experts.

Conscious dining

With economy going down, people have less money for dineouts and party. Considering this, restaurants will have to think of value-added dining with limited menu in smaller formats and expenses. Though to bring families back to restaurants, they will have to try maybe harder.

Salons and gyms

Salons have already resumed their businesses, while gyms are yet to. In salons, it is advised that you book your appointment, wear mask and follow hygiene rules set by them.


As per guidelines, staff will do thermal checking for customers and wear PPE for complete safety. Surfaces will be cleaned after every service and you may not get all services back. No waiting at the salon lounge.

As gyms and swimming pools involve greater risk of infection, they will remain closed until further orders. But quite obviously, masks, sanitizer and thermal checking will greet you there as well. Social distancing rules will be imposed too.

Sounds like living in a new planet? Well, like it or not this is the new normal. As soon as we get into the habit, it is better for all of us. Afterall, change is the only constant in life.

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