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Reliance Jio coming with 5G solutions: What it means for you

This could be a revolution for India’s technological advancement. Reliance Industries boss Mukesh Ambani, during his company’s annual general meeting recently, announced that they have developed a totally indigenous end-to-end 5G solution that is ready to cater to the world once networks are established.

Now the rise of the Indian conglomerate, Jio, as the global provider of 5G technology is like a bonus for India as only last week US tech giant, Google, announced to invest $4.5 billion for a 7.7% stake in all Jio platforms. Besides the Alphabet-owned search engine declared to pump in Rs 75,000 crore or $10 billion over a period of five to seven years to boost India’s digital economy.

In our previous article, we described, how common people can benefit from Google’s direct investment of Rs 75,000 crore.

Here, we will explain Jio’s emergence as the sole 5G solution provider to the world and the related issues through five direct questions.

1. What is 5G service?

Most of us are familiar with the term 5G. Since more or less, we are all users of 4G service in our mobile phones, it is pretty obvious that 5G is the future. But what is it? 5G is the latest upgrade in the longterm evolution of mobile broadband networks. So if we look at the history of mobile broadband networks, things will be clearer. The first generation of networks allowed only voice calls and nothing else. Having a mobile phone meant you’d have incoming and outgoing voice calls. The services (talktime tariff) used to be pretty expensive too. The second generation came with voice calls along with short messaging services (SMS). Things changed largely for the Indian society as well as the economy when people started web browsing on their phones with the 3G services. Jio started branching out its unparalleled services in the fourth generation or 4G. The Reliance Industries cemented it place in the digital world by making unlimited web browsing absolutely free on its Jio platform.

With 3G, people would still have to pay quite some amount of money in order to enjoy internet access on their phones, but Jio’s unlimited free internet facility with 4G services created huge waves in the country’s digital sphere. Not only web browsing became faster and easier, it reached different untouched territories. So now you can guess that 5G will be even faster and better networks in terms of speed with latency down to 1-10 milliseconds. Whereas with 4G, the latency is around 50 miliseconds.

2. How does it work?

5G is all about having cutting-edge and fastest internet services on any electronic devices from anywhere in the world. The 5G networks generally work on three spectrum bands. Even its low-band spectrum can work amazingly fast and offer great coverage in underground conditions. Though if you look at the maximum speed limit on this band is 100 Mbps. In the mid-band spectrum, the speed is even better. With 5G services launched, it is expected that all problems such as call drops and no-network problems will exist no more. The high-band spectrum comes with the highest speed. The telcos that will use this band will have to install smaller towers along with their existing LTE networks to get adequate and fastest services.

3. What’s Jio’s 5G solution all about?

So what has Jio done so far in terms of fulfilling its 5G promise? Well, the company has claimed to have developed its completely indigenous end-to-end 5G solutions that are ready for deployment once networks are in place. Though Jio is said to have upgraded its own infrastructure to extend their 5G services, it can be tapped by other telecom operators as a managed service. Since Google has already initiated its investment into Jio’s digital business, it is expected that Jio would focus on manufacturing affordable smartphones using an optimized Android-based operating system with Google on its side to flourish the 5G services.


4. What does it mean for customers?

You will enjoy the fastest, broadest and glitch-free range of internet access with 5G launched in the market. Jio has already tied up with Ericsson, Nokia and other players to reach out to people with their  5G services. In order to enjoy the 5G services in its best possible form, your devices have to be 5G friendly. 5G band is based upon beam tracking to follow all devices on the network to ensure unhindered connection in real-time for the device. In 5G latency (the time our device takes to perform a certain task after we order it) will be 10 times less than that of 4G. You can connect more devices under 5G networks and have equal speed and accuracy of service. 5G allows creating virtual networks or network slicing depending on your specific needs. To know more about advantages of having 5G connections, click here.

5. What impact will 5G network have on India’s economy?

This is the best thing to have happened for India at this point in time now. Struggling with the Covid-19 pandemic, India’s economy is battered like never before. The Atmanirbhar 5G project of Jio is the much-needed oxygen for the economy to recover and bounce back. Since Jio is eyeing the global market, the benefits of this will be multifarious. In terms of employment generation, ease of doing business, education, defense, health, agriculture, infrastructure development, scientific advancement, there is hardly any sector that won’t be benefitted by this massive growth of the internet in our daily lives. The post-Covid world is going to be more challenging and tech-driven, therefore, according to experts, this is the right medicine for the drooping Indian economy.

So, Jio’s recent 5G announcement can keep only one section of the world upset or angered and albeit there are many reasons for this and that is China!


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