Supreme Court on Decriminalizing Politics – Feb 13, 2020

Supreme Court on “Decriminalizing the Politics”
Supreme Court on “Decriminalizing the Politics”
Recently on Feb 13, 2020, Supreme Court ordered on decriminalizing the Indian politics

Here are the main verbatim important points in Feb 13, 2020 Supreme Court Order on Decriminalizing Politics in India.

1. It shall be mandatory for political parties (at the Central and State election level) to upload on their website detailed information regarding individuals with pending criminal cases (including the nature of the offences, and relevant particulars such as whether charges have been framed, the concerned court, the case number, etc) who have been selected as candidates, along with the reasons for such selection, as also as to why other individuals without criminal antecedents could not be selected as candidates.

2. The reasons as to selection shall be with reference to the qualifications,
achievements and merit of the candidate concerned, and not mere “winnability”
at the polls.

3. This information shall also be published in: (a) One local vernacular newspaper and one national newspaper; (b) On the official social media platforms of the political party, including Facebook and Twitter.

4. These details shall be published within 48 hours of the selection of the
candidate or not less than two weeks before the first date for filing of
nominations, whichever is earlier. The political party concerned shall then submit a report of compliance with these directions with the Election Commission within 72 hours of the selection of the said candidate.

5.If a political party fails to submit such compliance report with the Election Commission, it shall bring such noncompliance by the political party concerned to the notice of the Supreme Court as being in contempt of this Court’s orders/directions.

Here is a full length analysis of the orders. Its important to recognize, the court has kept the burden of compliance on the Election Commission but not on the political candidates themselves. This according to some experts, is a positive thing.

All things considered – India’s Supreme Court on “Decriminalizing the Politics”
All things considered – India’s Supreme Court on “Decriminalizing the Politics”
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