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Monday, April 12, 2021

Thailand Open 2021: Kidambi Srikanth Shares Shocking Images Of Bleeding Nose After COVID-19 Tests

Indian Ace shuttler, Kidambi Srikanth recently shared some shocking image of bleeding nose after covid-19 tests.

Unacceptable, Shocking, & Horrific

In an appalling development, ace Indian badminton player Kidambi Srikanth took to social media to share several Images slamming the unpleasant way in which Indian badminton player has been tested for Covid-19 ahead of Thailand Open 2021. With blood coming out of his nose, Srikanth even shared images of the blood-stained tissue paper.

He wrote, “We take care of ourselves for the match not to come and shed blood for THIS. However, I gave 4 tests after I have arrived and I can’t say any of them have been pleasant. Unacceptable.”

Several Indian players have been tested positive for Covid-19 in Bangkok. BWF on Tuesday said that Saina Nehwal tested positive for the virus. It has earlier also said that HS Prannoy tested positive, but later it was updated that he was tested negative. However, after Saina Nehwal was tested positive, her husband who is also a badminton player Parupalli Kashyap is in quarantine.

Further, Saina Nehwal later took to social media to say that report which usually takes 5 hours were yet to come even after 24 hours.

“I still didn’t receive the covid test report from yesterday it’s very confusing and today just before the warm-up for the match they tell me to got to the hospital in Bangkok … saying that I m positive ..according to rules the report should come in 5 hours..”: Nehwal tweeted on Tuesday.

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