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Monday, April 12, 2021

The govt invites farm leaders to a meeting to discuss ‘logistics.’

Finally, the govt invites farm leaders to have a talk. Farmers said they would consider the invitation positively.

The Centre on Monday evening announced that it invited the leaders of the protesting farmers for talks Tuesday afternoon. The farmers camping outside Delhi on highways refusing to back down or move to the designated site of protest, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar met with Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday morning.

With reference to the Indian Express, the invited farmer representatives said they would consider the invitation, but the decision would be taken by Tuesday morning. Keeping in view the Cold weather and COVID-19, Narendra Singh Tomar’s meeting with farmer representatives which had originally been scheduled for 3rd December, had to take place on 1st December, said The Ministry of Agriculture said in a press release later that evening.

The release further stated: All the previously invited farmer organizations for the meeting had been invited to the one on Tuesday, held in Vigyan Bhavan at 03:00 PM. A confirmation of this received invitation was done by Jagmohan Singh, the state general secretary of Bharatiya Kisan Union (Dakaunda), Punjab.

Referring to the telephonic conversation between Jagmohan Singh and The Indian Express, Jagmohan Singh said that they will positively consider this invitation for talks with the government. Also, they called an emergency meeting of 30 farm unions of Punjab at 08:00 AM on Tuesday. He further stated that the “Final decision” will be taken after attending that meeting.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, hours earlier said that with no intention of deceiving the farmers the new farm laws were meant to give the farmers “new options and legal protection.” Narendra Modi also accused the opposition of misleading the farmers, stating that there is a new trend, rumors are becoming the basis for the opposition.

The propaganda being spread that even though the decision is right, it can lead to problems that haven’t happened and will never happen. PM Modi also stated that is a game that is being deliberately played by those who have fooled these farmers for decades

Narendra Modi further stated that farmers are being empowered by giving them options for a bigger market. “Shouldn’t a farmer get the freedom to sell his produce directly to those who give better prices and facilities?” he said.

Narendra Modi also stressed on the point where if people think that the old system was better, then is this new law stopping anyone from selling their products and making an income? Even though these new laws are being imposed, the new market system won’t put an end to the traditional mandis and minimum support prices fixed by the government.

A government source that the reason behind this invitation was ‘logistics.’ The ministers want to talk to the farmer representatives and that cannot happen in four different places. Hence, the meeting should be held in one place, where the conversation between the ministers and the leaders can take place.

In the discussion among Ministers on Monday, it was decided that Narendra Singh Tomar and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh would get in touch with the farmer representatives. The idea behind this meeting is to get them to talk because some farmers are unyielding that unless the imposed laws aren’t withdrawn there should be no talks.

BJP’s old ally, Shiromani Akali Dal, having left from the NDA protesting against the farm bills, The BJP is aiming to expand its base further in Punjab. Chief of Rashtriya Loktantrik Party and MP from Nagaur Hanuman Beniwal, appealed to Home Minister Amit Shah to withdraw the farm laws and announced that if the government fails to respond he would have to reconsider being in alliance with the BJP in the NDA.

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