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What is Disease X? Warnings Of Another Virus To Hit The World.

With reported mutation development from the novel coronavirus, there is a question as to what is this Disease X?

As various vaccines have received approval from their regulatory bodies in use of emergency, the world has just started to go back to normal, as vaccination rollouts were being planned. But there is a lingering threat to human health by COVID or something more deadly. With reported mutation development from the novel coronavirus, there is a question as to what is this Disease X?

There are warnings from the scientists about the possibility of another pandemic outbreak in the future, due to which the world is now questioning whether it will ever go back to the life it knew? Now the reports have stated that another deadly virus might hit the world, currently termed ‘Disease X’.

It is termed likely to be a fast-spreading virus like the existing one, and as lethal as the Ebola. And this is confirmed by the scientist Jean-Jacques Muyembe Tamfum, who discovered the Ebola Virus, in 1976. The scientist further warns that the humanist should be aware of the more deadly diseases that can be discovered in the near future.

Calling it hypothetical, the scientist said that it could surely be a deadly one leading to another pandemic situation in the world. Now the threat of another pandemic is out already but still there isn’t any confirmed identification of the virus, hence the question stands: What is this Disease X?

As reported by Yahoo News; professor Jean-Jacques Muyembe Tamfum has stated there are new and potential viruses emerging from the tropical rainforests of Africa. A disease that can spread from animals to humans can be higher which will threaten human life greatly.

Speaking of similar incidents from the past, diseases like Yellow Fever, Influenza, Rabies, and even COVID-19 seems to have caught on from animals to humans which led to pandemics and epidemics. The scientist stated that any pandemic in the future might be deadlier than the COVID-19.

As we are still trying to find out “what is this Disease X?” there is the first case of this mystery disease. A patient has been reported to have shown signs of hemorrhagic fever, according to the reports from the Daily Mail.

Now the doctors fear that this could be the signs of ‘Disease X’ because the patient has undergone an Ebola Test, which stands for unexpected and unidentified diseases that are likely to come along with the COVID-19 pandemic, causing world-wide chaos. The Ebola test results came negative and the reports suggest that the new virus could just spread rapidly like the novel Coronavirus.

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