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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Who is Deep Sidhu? Was he the instigator of the Red Fort violence?

An actor, singer and politician, Deep Sidhu gets into trouble after farmers' union leaders accused him of provoking the rally and violence on Red Fort.

Punjabi actor Deep Sidhu is getting a lot of attention nowadays. Especially after the red fort violence on 26 January, 72nd Republic day of India. Farmer leaders have alleged that Deep Sidhu instigated protesters and led them to the Red Fort and hoisted flags in the 17th-century monument.

This news comes as a conspiracy behind creating a disorder among the protesting farmers on a very important day. Deep Sidhu came into the limelight after his video, explaining the agitation of farmers and rough spots in the farms’ bill went viral. Last month, the NIA had registered a case against Sikhs for Justice and Deep Sidhu and his brother Mandeep Singh were also on the receivers list of this notice.

On 26 January, when farmers’ leaders accused Deep Sidhu of instigating violence and provoking the rally, Sidhu claimed to be innocent and said that he did not remove the national flag and replaced it with ‘Nishan Sahib’.

A video of Deep Sidhu running away from the farmers when asked about the violence is also getting viral.

After the allegations against Deep Sidhu started getting strong support, Deep Sidhu posted a video on Facebook on Tuesday evening claiming that it was not a planned move and the sequence of events is something that has instigated the violence.

Posted by Deep Sidhu on Tuesday, January 26, 2021

“To symbolically register our protest against the new farm legislation, we put up ‘Nishan Sahib’ and a farmer flag and also raised the slogan of Kisan Mazdoor Ekta,” news agency PTI quoted Sidhu as saying.

“We held a peaceful protest without destroying anything or causing any damage to the public property. “We exercised our democratic right peacefully,” he claimed, adding, “If we think one person or a personality could do such a big mobilisation of people, then it will be wrong.”

Various political leaders took to social media to alleged that Deep Sidhu was associated with the ruling party BJP and he was the man behind the Red Fort violence.

Swaraj Abhiyan leader Yogendra Yadav, who is among the leaders supporting the protest against the farm laws, said Sidhu had been disassociated “from our protest right from the beginning”. “When he participated in a protest at Shambu border and seeing their activities, the farmer unions had decided to keep them away from our movement,” he said.

Further, after Deep Sidhu ran away from Red Fort violence confrontation by farmers and untouched by police, leaving thousands stranded there, Sikh elders pacified the protestors & asked them to stop the violence and come back.

These actions and words by the Punjabi actor and singer Deep Sidhu has proven that he has been dishonest to the ‘Annadatas’ who were willing to conduct a peacefull protest but were influenced by people like ‘Deep Sidhu’.

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