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Monday, April 12, 2021

Why COVAX Vaccine Access Initiative needs India’s help?

Since the outbreak of the virus COVID-19, multiple lockdowns, treatment facilities, technologies to trace virus, social distancing have been done to restrict the virus from spreading even further but nothing happened.

Now, a vaccine is what we need the most. To manufacture a vaccine and distribute them among others, a single country does not have that capacity. Though globally, it is India that has the largest capacity to manufacture COVAX, thus India needs to be on board to develop a vaccine. This vaccine initiative helps to promote cooperation and understanding between countries.

What is COVAX?

COVAX (COVID-19 Vaccine Global Access Facility) is an initiative that has been taken 172 countries globally where they can share their scientific expertise on manufacturing a vaccine that can help to constraint the virus from any further destruction. By this, the accessibility of the vaccine will also equal and thus it will help the middle and low-income countries financially.

India will play a very vital role in this as it has vaccine manufacturing capacity and also as a regional leader. As a favour to India, it will develop diplomatic ties with its neighbouring countries and partners in bringing down the price of the vaccine further and will have better local accessibility of the vaccines.

How India is beneficiated being on board of manufacturing COVAX?

COVAX is not supporting to have the US, China and Russia on board for developing the vaccine, at this very moment. Whereas, the world acknowledges the power that India holds in researching and manufacturing a vaccine. Already two of the primary vaccine has entered from India, COVAXIN and ZyCov-D.

India is a powerhouse of manufacturing vaccines but is not financially structured. This initiative will make resourceful in terms of developing COVAX and they can also reduce the price and increase the accessibility of the vaccine.

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