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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Podcast: All Things Considered – US-Taliban troop withdrawal deal is full of loopholes.

As Washington Times points out in its article titled – “Trump’s Afghan Gamble” –  The Afghanistan peace plan floated here this weekend is an election-year gamble: If it works, President Trump can claim credit for ending America’s longest conflict; but if Trump is seen as rushing for the exit, he could trigger a renewed Afghan civil war. The political dilemma is similar to what presidential candidates have faced with unpopular and inconclusive wars in past decades, in Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq. The American public wants out, but adversaries are emboldened by the campaign promises to withdraw, and allies are disheartened. As far as India is concerned, India should take the lead in providing the necessary diplomatic support to the nationalist front in Afghanistan at all international platforms. It is important to ensure that the Taliban doesn’t become the only dominant force in Afghanistan and the gains made in the last 18 years are not completely lost. After all, the rationale behind Indian foreign policy to spend over $ 3 billion in Afghanistan was not mere altruism. India’s strategic interest and its national security are closely aligned with a stable, secure, and democratic Afghanistan.

Further Reading: 

  1. Trump’s Afghan gamble: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/02/15/an-afghan-peace-plan-will-test-trumps-political-instincts-against-his-responsibilities/
  2. US – Taliban Troop Withdrawl Deal – https://www.vifindia.org/article/2020/march/02/us-taliban-troop-withdrawal-deal

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