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Will Uddhav Thackeray’s govt be able to handle all the pressure?

After the turmoil in setting up the government in Maharashtra, the 19th Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray took over the reins with the people expecting a lot from him. Carrying Bal Thackeray’s legacy, the Shiv Sena chief formed a coalition government, the Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi (MVA), with two extremely unlikely allies, the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and the Congress.

Uddhav Thackeray had to prove the former CM wrong by demonstrating his mettle in handling the state’s issues. Will Uddhav Thackeray’s government be able to handle all the pressure?

Thackeray’s fame had been at the top of the game in the first few months, with individuals crowding his chambers in the Mantralaya just to welcome the new leader. The situation began altering in February. Thackeray’s continuous gatherings with Sharad Pawar, his new tutor, gave numerous the feeling that he was too powerfully influenced by the NCP leader. His propensity for going to the office for just four hours daily likewise turned into a wellspring of tattle. In March, the state had its first COVID-19 case and very soon Thackeray began quarantining at his residence. A heart filled with nine stents in his chest, the man needed to worry a tad bit more than others about his health. He presently appears to favour telecommuting and picks video gatherings over open, public gatherings. In any case, in his latest media video instructions on September 13, Thackeray ignored the notion of not being accessible doing the rounds. A long way from being cut off, he says he audits what is happening in each of the 36 regions of Maharashtra consistently. “I am contacting each district of Maharashtra through video conferencing and the work is going on,” he said at a Facebook live occasion with individuals on September 13.


What has the Shiv Sena govt done?

And work has been done, nobody can deny that. Mumbai, the operational hub of the nation, stood out enough to be noticed in the initial 100 days of the Thackeray government coming to control. Rs 200 crore was saved for improving the legacy estimation of the Mumbai University Fort regions, Mumbai’s notorious dabbawalas would get their own lodging and a ‘Mumbai 24×7’ activity to advance the travel industry and business openings in the city was dispatched. The city is set to get its own staggered aquarium set to worldwide guidelines. The Maha Jobs Portal, dispatched recently will go far in guaranteeing that neighborhood Maharashtra youth would land ensured positions for talented, semi-skilled as well as unskilled work. Regardless of a viewpoint of the monetary downturn in the nation, CM Thackeray continued onward with valuable strides for the country and horticultural divisions. Cutting edge clinical offices, work for youth and improvement of industry in the state were the features of the CM’s first Budget. Economical turn of events, which CM Thackeray had said would be his philosophy, kept on being the basic subject with a few ecological protection works laid out for the months ahead.

Commenting on how the government was dealing with the COVID spread in the state, Uddhav Thackeray also earlier said that Maharashtra was doing extremely well in its fight against the Coronavirus but urged people to practice social distancing. He had extended lockdowns raising concerns about people listening to or following the government’s norma. “But I am confident people will listen to the government’s rules and guidelines since it is taking care of their welfare,” said the chief minister. Referring to the crowd photographed at Marine Drive some time ago, which made waves on social media and criticized the government for being incompetent to handle the situation, the CM had said: “We have allowed relaxations so that people can go outside and do some exercise. Relaxations have not been given for people to fall ill.”


When did it all go haywire?

However, about 10 months into the activity, Thackeray seems to be off-balance and smack in the middle of controversy. The pandemic is seething and Maharashtra, embarrassingly, is on top among the impacted states with more than 1,000,000 cases on September 14. Additionally, a discernment is making strides that the 60-year-old leader is regarding the bureaucracy when the state needs firm political initiative. Thackeray and the Sena have additionally taken fire over the Mumbai Police’s treatment of the Sushant Singh Rajput case in the past few months, and the manner in which it dealt with Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut.

The NCP isn’t the main intense partner Thackeray needs to manage. The Congress’ choice to join the MVA alliance was simply logical and somewhat to their own gains. The party managed to secure a mere 16 per cent of the vote in 2019, its least vote share ever and wishes to recoup lost ground with this term in power. “In the event that we can keep the equal the initial investment sign of 20 per cent of the vote, we have trust,” a senior Congress leader told India Today, on account of anonymity.

The arrangement looks unpredictable as the NCP has been precisely the dominating party in the MVA. Congress is likewise apprehensive about Thackeray’s abilities to handle the government and the people. According to the anonymous Congress leader, Thackeray isn’t a man to perform multiple tasks or handle such a large number of issues one after another. “In the event that you give him a full thali, he will either eat rice or chapati,” he adds. Congress president Sonia Gandhi, however, has been in a cordial relation with Thackeray through her political secretary Ahmed Patel. She called him on September 9, encouraging him to show restraint in the tussle with Ranaut.


What will happen?

The opposition is of the opinion that Thackeray’s government won’t be able to handle much pressure and give in soon enough. State BJP president Chandrakant Patil predicted that the Thackeray government will break down pretty quickly as “there is no coordination” among the allies in the coalition. There is additionally a hypothesis that a leader of impact, in both the NCP and Congress, could make things happen, sever a lump of these parties to converge with the BJP in December, after the political race in Bihar. A senior BJP pioneer, however, says the parties won’t bring down the Thackeray government, as it would not like to run the state while the pandemic is as yet seething. “We can wait for one more year,” he says. Political analyst Mahesh Vijapurkar, too, feels Thackeray is safe politically. “Congress is confused and the NCP has nowhere to go. Both parties are anti-BJP and hence a security blanket for Uddhav,” he says.


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