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Heavy Wheat Harvest Shoot Up Rabi Harvest to 150 mt This Season

Agricultural experts have forecasted that the cold weather in the northern part of the country this year will boost yields of rabi grains, increasing the country’s agricultural food output to a new height. 

Agricultural Commissioner, “SK Malhotra told the media that approximately 150 million tonnes (mt) of rabi would be produced this year.” This increasing production will take India’s annual foodgrain output to a new record of 292 million tonnes (mt) produced in 2019-20. 

India has already set a whopping target to increase the annual foodgrain output to 298 million tonnes (mt) in the upcoming crop year.

The fertile soils of Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh received heavy monsoon torrential rainfall last week, accompanied by a sheer drop in the temperatures across the region.

Heavy Wheat Harvest Shoot Up Rabi Harvest to 150 mt This Season
Heavy Wheat Harvest Shoot Up Rabi Harvest to 150 mt This Season

“The weather and soil type have created ideal conditions for sowing crops,” said the Agriculture Ministry. 

The Agriculture Ministry has published second advance crop estimates at the National Kharif Conference on Thursday that estimates an increase in wheat production of 106.21 million tonnes (mt) this year as compared to 99 million tonnes (mt) produced last year. It will, in return, help the country to produce an annual rabi output of 149.6 million tonnes (mt) compared to 139 million tonnes (mt) that were produced in the previous crop season. 

Nearly the production of all significant rabi crops has increased in the current crop year as compared to last year’s annual foodgrain production. 

Agriculture Produce India 2020
Agriculture Produce India 2020

The annual foodgrain production of winter rice rose to 15.53 million tonnes (mt) as compared to 13.63 million tonnes in the last season. Annual foodgrain production of maize has increased to 8.22 million tonnes (mt) as compared to 7.58 million tonnes (mt) in the previous year. Annual foodgrain production of sorghum has risen from 1.84 million tonnes (mt) in the previous year to 2.66 million tonnes (mt) in the current season.

The Agriculture Ministry has set a target of producing 298 million tonnes(mt) annual foodgrains in the year 2020 – 2021. The target for rice and wheat production remains the same as the previous year, i.e., 3.5 million tonnes (mt) and 2.5 million tonnes(mt) respectively. The target for coarse cereals and pulses has been raised to 48.7 million tonnes (mt) and 25.6 million tonnes (mt), respectively, in the upcoming crop year.

While seeds of most Kharif crops are abundantly available for sowing, the shortage of quality soybean seeds may be a concern. According to S K Malhotra, there could be a shortfall of nearly 12 percent of soybean seeds as the recent untimely rains affected harvesting of the seeds.

Heavy Wheat Harvest Shoot Up Rabi Harvest to 150 mt This Season
Heavy Wheat Harvest Shoot Up Rabi Harvest to 150 mt This Season

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