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Monday, April 12, 2021

The Agitational Cycle Against the Modi Government isn’t going to End Soon

The Agitational Cycle against the Modi Government is more while there’s another round of important state election.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed the scientific community’s eagerness to fulfill the dream of an “Atmanirbhar Bharat,” just hours after the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) allowed access to the much-awaited emergency use authorization (EUA) of the two ‘Made in India’ vaccines, confirming that India’s holds the position of a pre-eminent world player.

Narendra Modi, speaking at the National Physical Laboratory on its 75th jubilee under the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), stated that: “The new year has brought with it another big achievement. India’s scientists have successfully developed, not just one, but two made-in-India Covid vaccines. In India, the world’s largest Covid-19 vaccine is about to begin. For this, the country is very proud of the contributions of its scientists and technicians,” spreading positivity in the first week of January 2021.

In interpreting the project ahead, Narendra Modi stated that while India was dependent on the foreign quality and measurement standards, it will not be setting its own standards and reputation for the world to follow.

Modi’s words were not just about the admirable developments on the vaccine that is prepared and set to be exported soon. It was a metaphor of hope for the country now that we have survived and stepped into a new year, and for the decade ahead and for the nation that suffered lockdown for several months now, being under many compounded distresses with health and economic problems as well.

Now talking of the agitation cycle against the Modi Government:

Keeping these new developments by the Modi Government, the Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi did not perceive this as expected. She launched a rant against the Modi Government alleging that this is the first time since the Indian Independence, that such an “arrogant” Government has come to power. In this outburst, she demanded, “leave the arrogance of power and immediately withdraw the three black farm laws unconditionally to end the farmer’s agitation.”

Other leaders from her party like Shashi Tharoor didn’t delay in criticizing the emergency use authorization (EUA) of these Indian-made Covaxin calling it “premature” and “dangerous” as well. The Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan, slammed Tharoor’s comment on the heels of a reaction against Akhilesh Yadav, the Samajwadi Party Chief’s earlier statement that he would not take “any BJP Vaccine.” The EUA dissed by the Modi detractors calling this a “political jhumla.”

The Agitational Cycle against the Modi Government is more while the there’s another round of important state election:

The elections being scheduled for this year, which includes West Bengal and Tamil Nadu, the awoken crowd that has been sheltered in their comfort zones across newsrooms, courtrooms, campuses, and especially Bollywood, might now have a busy calendar. Complaining how the Modi Government is constantly, and very systematically, muffling opinion, along with Resentment theories, Hindutva conspiracy plots, crushing the freedom of free speech, and undermining institutions like the judiciary can be expected to increase manifold.

The upcoming days will see varied groups with very little in common but one thing, that is the shared animosity towards the Modi Government and Narendra Modi himself, magnifying real and fantasized grievances and trying to weave a narrative for a heating India as the agitational cycle against the Modi Government isn’t going to end soon. The fuming artists might find themselves busy this year with a packed calendar but Modi, who is having a high approval rating continuously now, is in the middle of a high-stakes battle in a historic righting of wrong and he will not bend.

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