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Will big corporates like Amazon providing temporary jobs help India recover?

Amazon India says it has created 1 lakh seasonal job opportunities in India ahead of the season of festivities that lasts from October to December. One lakh job seems a lot and feels like a ray of sunshine in the grim economic conditions. But this does not mean much because the operative word in that sentence is ‘seasonal’.

These jobs are not permanent but only for a certain time when the company estimates its sales to go up. Will the big corporates stepping in with temporary jobs help India recover from the economic crisis?

The answer to the question above is both yes and no. Yes because it will help people without any income find a livelihood and help them sustain while they search more permanent options and the money they will earn will be spent on goods and services which will boost the economy. No, because one lakh is not a huge number considering that the unemployment rate had risen to 8.4 per cent last month.


Will it work?

With the festive season nearing, people are buying again. This is a good thing as there can be nothing as good as an economy mending itself with proper transactions that will put money in people’s hands. There has been a definite drop in the total amount people generally spend during the festivals but it is more than what they were spending during the lockdown triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. This extra money in the transaction ecosystem will help boost demand by enabling those who are earning this money to buy goods and services which they were not able to during the lockdown and the ensuing economic slowdown.

Ecommerce portals like Amazon and Flipkart generally recruit a great many individuals in brief conveyance and backing parts to deal with the high volume of requests during these periods when they give out deals. The new positions will help lift its conveyance experience and lift the organization’s satisfaction and abilities to meet the flood of a client request this festive season, Amazon India said in an announcement.

The organization has likewise created countless aberrant open doors through its accomplice organizations, for example, its shipping partners, bundling sellers, ‘I Have Space’ conveyance accomplices, Amazon Flex partners and housekeeping offices among others, it included.

In May this year, Amazon India had made near 70,000 jobs, temporary ones, available over its operational organization and client support focus.

“This, along with today’s announcement, is another step forward in Amazon India’s commitment to creating one million new job opportunities in India by 2025 through continued investments in technology, infrastructure, and its logistics network,” it said. In 2019, Amazon India and rival Flipkart had reported that they had created more than 1.4 lakh jobs across the chain, last-mile network and client care in anticipation of their deals doing well. A report by RedSeer gauges that around 3 lakh occupations are required to be made by different online business and coordinations organizations during the current year’s season of festivals.


Seasonal jobs?

Internet business organizations see an enormous lump of their business coming in during this period and they make critical ventures early to increase their ability to have the option to deal with the spike in orders. This season sees players holding various deal occasions, planned around Dussehra and Diwali. Hardware, style and home outfitting are a portion of the classifications that see a colossal interest during the happy season. Another report by RedSeer had said such deals are required to practically twofold this year and touch USD 7 billion in net GMV when contrasted with USD 3.8 billion in a similar period a year ago.

“This festive season, we are looking forward to serving customers in every part of the country by providing fast, safe and a more seamless eCommerce experience to them from the safety of their homes. This year, more than 1,00,000 seasonal associates will join us to fulfil customer promises,” Amazon India Vice President – APAC, MENA and LATAM Customer Fulfilment Operations Akhil Saxena told PTI.

Amazon India stays focused on making openings a gets deposited in the right accounts and reach the people finally in their times of need.ll across the nation, exceptionally when the COVID-19 pandemic has presented difficulties in acquiring job for some, he included. Over the most recent couple of months, Amazon India has declared designs to dispatch 10 new stockrooms and extend 7 existing focuses the nation over this year. The organization presently has in excess of 32 million cubic feet of capacity limit and supports more than 6.5 lakh merchants across the country. But will that be enough?

It’s not just Amazon but other smaller concerns like Delhivery are also coming up with similar proposals of temporary jobs of 15,000. But that seems to be just a mug of water out of an ocean.

The government needs to take cognizance of the matter and work towards making the lives of its citizens easy by either providing them with employment that they have been looking for so desperately or make another round of transfers and see to it that it works.

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