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‘Project Prana’ low-cost ventilators are a life saver for India amid pandemic

Project Prana by MIT students Shriya Srinivasan and Rajib Mondal have come up with multiplex ventilators called iSave to fight against the deadly virus. The second wave of COVID-19 hit resulted in ventilator crisis...

Zoe Roth turns ‘Disaster Girl’ meme photograph into Rs 3.7 crores

Remember the 'Disaster Girl' who became famous even before meme was a thing? The "disaster girl" Zoe Roth has earned $500,000 by selling an original photograph.  The 2005 photo shows a four-year-old Zoe Roth...
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New discovery on biodegradable plastics that can disappear will help India on plastic waste...

New discovery by a team of scientists on how biodegradable plastics can be disappeared will help India on plastic waste management. According to a survey, India produces 9.46 million tonnes of plastic waste per...
Detect inequality from space

Detect inequality from space; new hope for India’s development

Detect inequality from space, new research will help India that would help to know more on inequality in income. The inequality of wealth and income among India's population is referred to as income inequality. India's income...
no need to wear usa

The tale of two countries: When Indian govt is asking people to wear a...

Indian government is asking people to wear masks indoors and on the contrary, the USA is getting back to an 'unmasked' culture.
Indian Ratings study

Why can’t vaccines be free? Indian Ratings study claims inoculating every Indian costs less...

The Indian Ratings study claims if the Centre and states collaborate to vaccinate all Indians aged above 18 years — estimated at 84.2 crores out of 133 crore — it would cost Rs 671.93 billion.
Kannur native Fairooz makes it to 'Power List 2021' in ophthalmology field

Kannur native Fairooz makes it to ‘Power List 2021’ in ophthalmology field

Fairooz P Manjandavida, who has made it to the 'Power List 2021', learnt advanced techniques to treat the entire spectrum of eye tumours.
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COVID-19 vaccines registration for above 18 years: Here is how to book your appointment

COVID-19 vaccines registration for all above 18 years; everyone can get their jabs from May 1 announced central government. The announcement came soon after the spike of COVID-19 cases in India on April 19....
The growth of Dogecoin

A coin that began as a meme is now a $34bn currency: The growth...

Dogecoin could soon outshine Bitcoin. What started as a mere joke is at its highest value ever. The price of Dogecoin, a crypto asset based on the 'doge' meme, shot up on Friday, April...
Here's what we can learn from Ambedkar's idea of religious politics

Amid Bengal election 2021, here’s what we can learn from Ambedkar’s idea of religious...

This is the year of course-altering elections in Indian politics and the West Bengal Assembly Elections is the most colourful and important of them all. The Bengal polls are in eight phases this year,...