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Sunday, April 11, 2021

80-year-old drives bike for 68 km to get COVID-19 vaccine

Sahu, a former teacher at the school, called the vaccine safe and also insisted people come forward to get the vaccine without fear.

80-year-old gets COVID-19 vaccine; Ram Kishore Sahu drove on his bicycle for over 68 kilometres from his native village Sarjamdih, Tamar Block to Ranchi to get COVID-19 vaccination.

Sahu who received the President’s Award during his teaching service didn’t want to miss getting the vaccination.

80-year-old gets COVID-19 vaccine

He ensured that his first Covid-19 vaccine jab was received on the very first day of the phase 2 vaccination drive of the national vaccine campaign.

He decided to get his shot at Ranchi and reach Sadar Hospital on his own bike, as per Sahu, after finding out that there were no vaccination centres in his region.

“After reaching here at 9 am, I had to wait for around two hours to take the shot. The vaccine is safe and I did not have any problem after getting it,” Sahu stated.

“I reached here riding my bike and will go back home on it,” he said.

“It’s safe to get the vaccine”

Sahu said he had no illness, but he wanted to take the vaccine Covid-19.

“It is completely safe and everyone should come forward to take the vaccine as it not only protects the individual but also prevents others from getting infected,” he told.

Sahu claimed he couldn’t take his wife with him, as he didn’t have an extra helmet.

“As helmet for pillion riders has been made mandatory by the Government, I will buy another helmet for my wife today itself and come here again to get her vaccinated,” he said as per NIE.

On Monday the second phase of vaccination against Covid-19 in India commenced, vaccinating 60 and above aged individuals. And those above the age of 45 who suffer from any illnesses are recommended for coronavirus vaccines.

Covid-19 will have 10 crores, people, across India in its Phase 2 vaccination campaign. To date, Covid-19 was given to nearly 1,45 crore individuals.

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