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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

An old lady from Kerala receives help after her video went viral

A few days ago, a local businessman from Delhi’s Malviya Nagar received many good wishes along with financial support after a video of their situation got viral on the social media platforms through a blogger.


A lot of Netizens and celebrities helped that man to retrieve his business. After that day, a lot of people are supporting and sharing videos of local businesses from their neighbors to help them. An old lady, Parvathyamma’s video went viral where she was describing her current miserable condition yet with a big smile.


The story of Parvathyamma

Parvathyamma is from Karimba near Mannarkkad in Kerala. She runs a local eatery where she serves unlimited food within Rs 50. She runs her own business to feed her family. It was one of the most famous local eatery places.


With the outbreak of the virus and the lockdown disrupted her eatery business. Since then, she was facing trouble in feeding her family. In the video, she explained her dishes and requested people to visit her place. It was surfacing the Internet after ‘Baba ka Dhaba’.  


The power of the Internet

After it went online, many netizens tagged the video and shared it on their page. Even the actor, Richa Chadha, retweeted the video saying, “Show up for Parvathyamma. Come on at Karimba!” Nowadays, the Internet holds immense power to spread positivity around the world.


That man from Delhi has started earning again, and hopefully, this old lady will resume her work too. One of the social media users commented on the post that the old lady gave him a lot of warmth and love, just like a mother when he went to her place for a quick bite.

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