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Bullied as a child, Trinetra is now the first trans-woman doctor in Karnataka

Trinetra, a 23-year-old is the first trans-woman in Karnataka to be a doctor. Soon after the gender confirmation surgery she changed her name as Trinetra.

Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju, a 23-year-old who was called by names for her sexuality, now she stands in height for achieving to be a doctor. She is the first trans-woman in Karnataka to get the post. Trinetra who finally got a gender confirmation surgery (GCS) in February 2020 was born as Angad Gummaraju. Her parents are based out of Bangalore.

‘The Trinetra Method’

Image: The Trinetra Method/facebook

As a Vlogger she had been documenting the journey of transition. She is well known on YouTube channel as ‘The Trinetra Method’.

She speaking to Humans of Bombay, she said, “When I was born, my family was overjoyed at their first born child–a son. But I never thought of myself as a boy. I’d wear Maa’s saree, put on her makeup & parade around the house. Initially, everyone found it cute, but when they saw this ‘phase’ go on for longer than expected, they hid these items from me, saying, ‘You’re too old for this’ (sic).”

She had a baby brother who called her an ‘older brother’ which made her uncomfortable. As a teenager, she tried to be a part of sports activities to satisfy her parents.

She has been bullied in high school for being gay. which led him to try self-harming and got through it by believing herself. When she realised it’s normal she confessed the ruth to her parents but they denied initially.

First trans-woman in Karnataka to be a doctor

Image: The Trinetra Method/Facebook

When she chose to tell the world about her sexuality, her classmates harassed Trinetra. Not just her friends but also her teachers were a part of it. She was asked to read out loud in school just for the sake of mocking her.

She then released the greater escape in studies. She chose to dedicate her energy into studies. She found her path to be a doctor.

Soon after the surgery this year, she changed her name as Trinetra from Angad which was then celebrated by her family by throwing a party.

She is now the first Karnataka’s trans-woman surgeon who believed in herself and never gave up even when there were many hurdles.

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