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Butt Sir is now popular amongst masses for his humour on social media

A mischievous Butt Sir is now famous for his humour on social media. Now, who is ButtSir? Butt sir is an imaginary character created by Aravinda Tegginamath and webcomic tightly based on Indian Political Daily. Meet the engineer who turned as an artist, Aravinda Tegginamath.

So as described by Aravinda, Butt Sir works as a secretory in PM’s office. He is a sensible, intelligent and a concerned man. For Butt Sir, it is mischief first and mission next. Aravinda started Butt Sir Comics on social media during the lockdown and it has been just over five months and has gained popularity amongst masses.

He explains how he came up with Butt Sir Comics, ” PM Modi had announced unplanned COVID-19 lockdown which resulted in a massive migrant crisis. I wrote this three-panel comic based on the same. In the first panel, there is Narendra Modi who is preparing for his announcement and asking if the plan is ready but the secretive says the plan isn’t ready but the speech is. In the final panel, PM says what are you waiting for let’s go ahead.”

” I posted this three Panel comic on twitter and it went viral. I then gave a thought about what if I created a character that could constantly engage PM on different issues. I then went back to twitter and asked people what should the character name be? A guy from Kerala suggested me the name But Sir. I then added humour into the name itself and made it as Buttsir,” he further added.

He aimed to do cartoons and doodles based on the present political scenario and issues. He said, “I doodle to draw attention on political issues and causes. I doodle for humour and the love of it.

It all started with the first-ever attempt in 2015, that was an interview between Arnab Goswami, a journalist and PM Modi.

He said, “Scribbling and doodling turned into me creating a cartoon. I used to work in the day time and later create the doodles and post it on social media. When I started doing this more and more I felt confident about condensing my ideas into the cartoon and I have done this for five years now.”

He is now planning to bring other characters out of PM’s office into the comic. ” I also received feedback’s saying that the comics seem repetitive and hence I made such a decision,” Aravinda shared

He worked with an IT firm and have a Bachelors in Electronics and Telecommunications and over a decade he has been working in Boston, but then came a change and he heard the passion calling, ” I always wanted to step out and explore in doodling. In 2018, I took a break and started with doodling cartoons almost every day for a year.  Later my friends and I started an IT firm for livelihood. First few hours of early mornings are dedicated to creating comics.”

Talking about the way he deals with trolls, Aravinda said, “I pay no attention to the trolls that I receive for my comic. At the end of the day, my job as a humourist is to draw attention to the issues and make people chuckle.”

He now posts Butt Sir comics almost every day over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube along with a website Buttsir.com. He believes that the more diverse the exposure, the easier to tackle a topic.

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