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Dr Bhagwan Prasad Saxena, A Retired Zoologist Plants over 1500 Cacti

Dr Bhagwan Prasad Saxena, a-83-years old with his wife Mrs Beena Saxena has planted over 1500 cacti and other plants.

Meet the cactus man, Dr Bhagwan Prasad Saxena who had been a zoologist. He at the age, 83 with his wife Mrs Beena Saxena has planted about 1500 cacti and many other flowering plants and hundreds of trees.

Dr Bhagwan Prasad Saxena was a zoologist who built his affection towards plants. His profession led him to grow many plants with the support of his wife, he was later introduced to Cactus and he fell in love with it.

Dr Bhagwan Prasad Saxena’s Journey

Image: Indian Society of Cacti & Succulents/Facebook

In the year 1960, he started working as a teacher in the local Deshbandhu College, that’s when he became so excited about cacti. He started spending his whole salary by purchasing plants for his house.

He called his residence as Cactus House and the collection of plants consists of American, African and some Indian varieties.

Nine Other Courses

Image: Indian Society of Cacti & Succulents/Facebook

Dr Bhagwan Prasad Saxena soon after finishing his graduation from Delhi University, he flew to the US and enrolled in nine different courses. He then visited Saguaro National Monument, a natural park of cacti where he got to spend time with the former US President Ronald Wilson Reagan while the camp in 1964.

His collections of various cacti some of them are rare which has medicinal properties.

Research and More

Image: Indian Society of Cacti & Succulents/Facebook

With his research after many years, he found out that one of the plants that he has grown can help cure Hepatitis B.

His residence’s three floors are filled with various cactus plants.
He also founded the Indian Society of Cacti Succulents and the Noida floriculture society.

Dr Bhagwan Prasad Saxena along with his wife attends cacti, plant, and flower exhibitions all over the world. Any visitor can visit the Cactus House in Sector 30 in Noida.

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