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Ernakulam’s ‘Green’ Polling Booths Set To Reduce Waste Production During The Election

The purpose of Ernakulam's 'green' polling booths initiative was to lessen the waste produced throughout the campaigns and elections in Kerala districts.

Ernakulam’s ‘Green’ Polling Booths is all about go green initiative during Kerala Election. Let’s read more about it.

Ernakulam goes eco-friendly during the local body polls in Kerala districts. During the voting day, several polling booths turned green in the district.

Ernakulam’s ‘Green’ Polling Booths

Ernakulam’s ‘green’ polling booths are the initiative by Haritha Kerala Mission and the Suchitwa Mission of Kerala’s hygienic waste management mission and technical arm of Department of Local Self Government.

The initiative by Haritha Kerala Mission and Suchitwa Mission turned the polling stations into eco-friendly booths in 14 municipalities and 82 panchayats in the district.

Many of the polling stations in Ernakulam were model green booths which were made with the eco-friendly elements.

They had also written messages about how to save the environment inside and outside the buildings.

This was the initiative by the Haritha Karma Sena, the government’s team managing waste management projects along with some volunteers.

Suchitwa Mission

The NewsMinute reported, “Before the voting day, the booths were reviewed by the Suchitwa Mission and the Haritha Kerala Mission.”

The volunteers made sure that the popular polling stations followed all green protocols even from letting voters to litter.

Suchitwa mission’s one among many initiatives the new eco-friendly polling booth aimed to create an eco-friendly environment in the polling station to promote green.

Along with Ernakulam’s ‘green’ polling booths, they also witnessed flash mobs and Ottamthulal to educate and spread messages regarding the conservation of the environment.

The posters of all the electoral candidates on the walls were taken down. They were handed over to the purpose of the waste treatment plant following segregation.

The purpose of Ernakulam’s ‘green’ polling booths initiative was to lessen the waste produced throughout the campaigns and elections in Kerala districts.

They also conducted many sessions with the polling officers, officials and candidates to ensure each and everyone to follow the green protocol.

Kerala set’s an example by the initiative that will help in reducing the waste during elections.

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