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Free WiFi for the village in Ramanagara, this brothers duo helps 150 students

They provided free Wi-Fi for the entire village and smart devices for students that were in need by the end of October 2020. Wi-Fi connection is provided by Youth Broadband. 

Free WiFi for the village in Ramanagara, Karnataka; two brothers through Mathrubhoomi Seva Foundation is helping the students to attend their online classes.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, online learning has become a new normal, but it turned out to be a disaster according to the parents and students.

Mahesh and Harish’s Initiative 

The brothers duo, Mahesh and Harish, have teamed up to make the lives of the students easier.

To resolve this issue, in their Chikkanahalli village, located in the Ramanagara district of Karnataka they came forward to give away free Wi-Fi to the whole village. 

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all schools and universities have also been closed, and students had to attend online classes from their homes.

Free WiFi for the village in Ramanagara 

Image: Mathrubhoomi Seva Foundation

The students in their region often face problems attending classes due to the lack of accessible infrastructure and facilities including, the internet and smart devices.

So the Mathrubhoomi Seva Foundation’s brother duo coined the term of equipping children that require free Wi-Fi and smart devices. They provide free WiFi for the village in Ramanagara.

In July 2020, the duo, Mahesh and Harish, initiated this idea. They initially thought of providing students with only free Wi-Fi.
Soon, after conducting a survey in their region, it was discovered that there were no internet facilities for about 150 students.

Initiative helps 150+ students

Image: Mathrubhoomi Seva Foundation

Including, several students do not have smart devices to connect to their daily classes as well as to attend them.

So, for the students who were unable to afford the devices, these two brothers provided free tablets and PCs in the village. 

They provided free Wi-Fi for the entire village and smart devices for students that were in need by the end of October 2020. Wi-Fi connection is provided by Youth Broadband. 

The biggest obstacle faced by them was to get Wi-Fi lines into the village since there was no suitable medium or previous setup to transport the optical fibre lines to their village’s preferred Wi-Fi hotspots.

Smart Devices for school children

After establishing free Wi-Fi throughout the region, 10 PCs were placed in two places in the village, so that the other students can also attend online classes. 

But their concept has not yet solved the dilemma. So, they started giving away free tablets for more than 50+ students who were not in a position to afford smartphones or any other devices. 

So far, their initiative has helped more than 150 school students to attend their online classes. 

The Wi-Fi is widely open to the whole village, it also benefits other working people to work from home. 

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