how to make a difference in the world

How to make a difference in the world?

I have a small story to tell you all. Balu woke up lazily to get ready for the school. It is a rainy season and the sky is full of clouds, gloomy. Unwillingly, Balu got...
How to have a healthy and happy relationships

How to Have a Healthy And Happy Relationship

A Happy and Healthy Relationship involves a lot of trust, commitment, faith and, respect for each other.
How to explain COVID 19 to your child

How to explain COVID 19 to your child

Corona virus happens to be a scary pandemic and this is the first time we're dealing with a disease of this scale. Explaining the corona virus to your child doesn't have to be so...

Amid India’s lock down, how to use next 21 days

If you are wondering what to do beyond stocking groceries and essentials, here are the courses you can follow to use next 21 days more productively. All you need is internet and willingness. You can...
How to Answer what are your salary expectations

How to answer: What are your salary expectations?

A guide on how to answer salary based questions in an interview.

How to do asset allocation in the right way?

Doing asset allocation starts with understanding yourself, and your goals. The implementation strategies are dependent on that. The term asset allocation means to strategically divide your investments among different asset categories, such as stocks, bonds, real estate, cash,...

How to claim your life insurance policy?

Death claims are claims made by the nominee after death and maturity claims are the claims made by the policy holder after the maturity date of the policy.
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How to help your child to battle bullying?

Bullying is not a minor problem. It can start from childhood and have a severe impact on the adulthood as well.