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COVID-19 vaccine phase 2: Here is how to receive it if you are above 45

He said that in this phase about 27 crore people, about 10 crores of them over 60, maybe vaccinated.

COVID-19 vaccine phase 2: Here is how to receive it if you are above 45.

COVID-19 vaccine phase 2: A signed medical certificate would include those over 45 years of age who’ve been looking forward to receiving the Covid-19 vaccine in the second phase, sources said.  

The second phase of the vaccination will commence on March 1, prioritizing those over 60 and those above 45, including co-morbidity, was announced by the Union Minister, Prakash Javadekar.   

COVID-19 vaccine phase 2

He said that in this phase about 27 crore people, about 10 crores of them over 60, maybe vaccinated. Here is how to receive the COVID-19 vaccine if you are above 45.

As per the sources, in two days the listing of what constitutes a co-morbidity will be finalised and issued which may involve chronic diseases of the heart, lung, kidney and liver, diabetes, cancer, severe asthma, and mental or learning disabilities.

It can include people with immunosuppressants, morbid obesity and others who have transplanted lungs, bone marrow and stem cells. 

It suggested that individuals of the above-mentioned category should fill out a one-page Yes/No questionnaire to affirm their health status and then make a general practitioner sign it. This form must then be shown at the vaccine centre for shooting. 

It would cost nearly ₹ 300 for the COVID-19 vaccinations in private hospitals. Mr Javadekar previous stated that the vaccine would be for free at government centres.

CoWin – Mobile app

To help the public the government had come up with a mobile app – CoWin (Covid Vaccine Intelligence Network) for the registration of vaccine and discover the nearest centres to get the COVID-19 vaccine. 

The app at the present is limited to “facility-level users” or government workers and users.

Sources stated that, once the app is accessible to the public, users have to log in with their Aadhaar card information, upload a photo ID and then sign the medical certificate. 

You may then schedule a vaccine date in a nearby COVID-19 vaccine centre. People may also go in and get immunisations provided the doses are available and fall within the categories eligible. 

Although there is no clarification yet on the opening of registrations, the medical certificate format was specified by the sources in advance. It also comes in local languages.

COVID-19 vaccines in India

So far India has licensed two emergency vaccines – Covishield developed and produced by the Serum Institute at AstraZeneca and Oxford University and Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin. 

A third – the Russian Sputnik V – also demanded priority and this will be taken into account by the SEC (subject expert committee). The effectiveness of Sputnik V is 91.6%, more than that of Covishield’s 70%. The potency of Covaxin was not verified yet. 

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