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Diwali 2020: Five “Go Eco-Friendly” Ideas To Celebrate Festival of Lights

Diwali, the much-awaited festival of every Indian is just days away. Why not make it creative? Here are some of the ideas that could save the environment and have a prosperous festival.  

Use Earth Friendly Diyas  

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Diyas are used in most of the household, the best way to celebrate Diwali is to buy earth-friendly diyas which, are widely available. 

Usually, the Diya’s coated with coloured chemicals and the candles are of petroleum which releases harmful toxins which will lead to air pollution and affect environmental health. One can also make diyas at home by attending a few of workshops available online. 

Avoid Bursting Crackers

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Burning crackers have been a trend from a very long time but, it is affecting the environment which, also adds respiratory problems and, it will also affect fur buddies. Especially, street animals are affected the most.  

Eco-Friendly Rangoli

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Rangolis are a major part of festivals in India. It is always colourful rangolis which gives a bright look to every house during Diwali. But most of them tend to buy synthetic colours which are hazardous for the environment and toxic for respiratory which, may cause health issues.

The best way to replace the synthetic colours is to buy organic rangolis or decorate it with flowers. Choose rangoli colours wisely which are easily available in online and offline markets.

Diwali Traditional Cookery 

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Banana leaves are mostly famous in south India which are used to serve. Bio-degradable banana leaves could serve the purpose and also act eco-friendly. Also, plastic and paper glasses can be replaced with mud glasses.

Gifts To Create Change 

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Gifts have always been a part of festivals, especially during Diwali. Why not gift a plant instead of any other? This would be the best way to make someone happy by giving them eco-friendly products and plants. 

Let’s create a change during this Diwali. 

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