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How to explain COVID 19 to your child

Corona virus happens to be a scary pandemic and this is the first time we’re dealing with a disease of this scale. Explaining the corona virus to your child doesn’t have to be so difficult. Here are simple steps to follow while talking to him/her about it:


When it comes to explaining the pandemic to your child, always remember they process the information exactly the way you give it to them.

Research and do not rush into theĀ  process. Discuss it with your significant other and explain it to your child as simply as possible. Your child needs to understand what is happening around him.


Your child needs to know that this is not a situation to panic in. If he sees you panicking, he shall automatically get scared and this shall be very difficult to deal with. Your child looks up to you, and needs your emotional support always.


There are various animated videos available online these days on corona virus. Show one of these to your child to explain them the gravity of the situation without scaring them.


Make your child wear a mask, keep him home and explain why staying at home is important for his health. Each step taken by you ensures his safety and the safety of your child is your priority.


Let your child understand why safety and hygiene is so important in these difficult times. Explain it to him and make them regularly wash their hands and cover their mouths when they are sneezing or coughing.


Do not scare them while following this step. If your child has been playing down with his friends and peers a lot right before the lock down, get him tested to ensure his safety. Make sure your child thinks its a routine test or tell him a funny story. Do not create panic.


Tell your child how staying indoors will reduce the chances of someone contracting the disease. Your child could be a carrier of the disease and someone else could get infected and it is important that they understand this as well. Explain how staying indoors is a good option now.


Since your child is going to be home for a really long time, they might throw a fit if they gets really bored. Fix a schedule, make them study, play with you, read a book and keep them busy at all times. Your child should be engaged in activities in order for both of you to stay happy and sane.

How to explain COVID 19 to your child
How to explain COVID 19 to your child

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