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How to Have a Healthy And Happy Relationship

Follow these 6 tips for a healthy, happy relationship with your significant other!

1. WORK ON YOUR INSECURITIES: Trust your partner, Trust the relationship. 

  • For a healthy bond with your significant other, it is important to build trust between each other. Without trust, the bond weakens and this creates major problems between two people.
  • Have faith in the relationship. A relationship works only when the two of you trust in the bond and understand that each problem you face is a problem for the two and not a fight between the two of you.
How to Have a Healthy And Happy Relationship

2. COMMUNICATE: Find time, Find faith.

  • During this lockdown, fix a schedule for the entire day and make time to specially talk to your significant other where you give them undivided attention. This will make sure that your partner does not feel neglected at all or feel like they are not a priority in your life.
  • Tell your partner about anything that bothers you. Have faith in them and be open about your problems and issues with them. After all, a partner is someone you can confide in. Understand that they shall help you out or give you the support you need at the time of difficulty
How to Have a Healthy And Happy Relationship

3. RESPECT YOUR PARTNER: Respect them, Honor them.

  • Do not spew hatred and vile things whenever you have an argument. It is important to treat your partner with the utmost respect at all times. Do not put down your partner during fights or at the times of difficulties in your relationship
  • If you disagree with your partner about something, let them know when you are in a private space. Do not encourage public bashing. It is embarrassing and unhealthy to put down your partner in public

Respect your partner’s opinions. They may be right and it is not always necessary that your opinions match at all times. 

How to Have a Healthy And Happy Relationship

4. FOCUS ON GROWTH: Individual and together.

  • Support your partner’s future plans, aims, and aspirations. Be there for them and make sure you give them all the strength and support that they need.
  • Do not forget to grow individually because you happen to be in a relationship. Never let your hobbies and aims to die down in lieu of your relationship. Make sure you indulge in all your favorite activities and find time for yourself as well. Support each other and the relationship in all ways possible.
How to Have a Healthy And Happy Relationship

5. MAINTAIN BOUNDARIES: Freedom, a personal privilege.

  • Do not forget to shower love on yourself because you happen to be in a relationship. Self-love is important and privacy is the key to it.
  • Do not keep a tab on your partner’s every move. Give them personal space.

Your partner does not have to share their passwords, live locations, and chats with you at all times. Maintain a boundary and give them personal space. Trust in them and trust your bond.

How to Have a Healthy And Happy Relationship

6. FORGIVE AND FORGET: Forgive mistakes, Forget errors. 

  • When it comes to forgetting, do not bring up old fights after they have been resolved. This is first-degree toxic behavior and this shall affect the relationship brutally.
  • Forgive when it comes to minute mistakes. When the mistakes your partner makes are insignificant in the next 72 hours, forgive them and make sure they apologize for them.
How to Have a Healthy And Happy Relationship

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