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Want to save money? Try this: Shop grocery only once a month

Do you know shopping for grocery once a month can help you save big? Here are there are five tips that you need to follow with which you can shop for all your groceries in one go. Not only that, but this small change would also make a huge difference in your shopping bill payments and can save a lot.

Here we have handpicked some tips that will help you shop for groceries once a month and save big.

Tip#1 ) List out everything for groceries:

You need to create a complete list of groceries that are currently not available at your place, and you want to go get them. There will be two benefits of listing out every essential grocery item, and those are:

  • Fewer trips to shopping stores- By listing out everything at once, you would not have to move to a shopping store every week.
  • Remembering things to buy: With a list, you would be able to remember things you need to buy.

Tip#2) Create a specific budget for your groceries shopping:

You should create a fixed budget for your groceries shopping and always try your best to be within your budget only. With this tip, you will firstly follow a strict budget, and along with that, buy only necessary items.

Shop for Grocery Once a Month
People shopping in supermarket in Maharashtra, India. Photo Shutterstock.com/mazeepuran

Tip#3) Online groceries shopping will help:

There are numerous online platforms from where you can get your grocery shopping done. Moreover, there are two significant reasons to use such platforms, and those are:

  • You would be able to get fast and secure online delivery.
  • With online grocery shopping, you can save more money efficiently.
  • You need to create a list, add items to your cart and that’s it. Within a day or less, you will get your groceries delivered to you.

Some of the most popular online grocery shopping sites are Grofers, Amazon pantry, Big basket, and Spencers.

Tip#4) Before you shop for this month, review previous month groceries usage:

By having a look at previous month grocery usage, you would be able to figure out which groceries items got finished early. Hence for the next month’s grocery shopping. You can bring more amounts of such grocery items.

With this tip, you would be able to bring that much amount of groceries that will last for a month only.

Tip#5) Considering previous month saved groceries:

This happens in everybody’s home that you get some grocery items saved from your previous month. In case you are also able to save some groceries out of your last month’s usage, Then make sure you bring the appropriate amount of that item for your next month.

Benefits of going for groceries shopping once a month:

  • A significant benefit is you can save a lot of money.
  • You would be able to fetch supplies that are sufficient for a month.
  • You would not have to go for extra shopping trips for groceries.

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