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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

‘i’ for India-made: Apple starts making iPhone 11 in the country; what it could mean?

In an unexpected move by tech giant Apple, the company has started making its top-of-the-line model of iPhone 11 in India at the Foxconn plant near Chennai. This is the first time that Apple has manufactured its flagship model in the country and it certainly means a boost for the government’s Make in India initiative.

Reportedly, production will be stepped up in phases and Apple might also consider exporting the iPhone 11 made in India. The move comes after Apple intended to reduce its dependence on China, two senior industry executives said, as reported by The Economic Times. And why not? Local production saves Apple 22% of import duty.

Meanwhile, Apple also plans to make the latest iPhone SE at the Wistron plant near Bengaluru, the executives said. For the unversed, the unit earlier used to produce the iPhone SE, which was later withdrawn.


What it could mean for India and its consumers?

Apple’s latest move means the growing localization of its manufacturing setup and it is certainly keen to take advantage of benefits under the government’s production linked incentive (PLI) scheme worth Rs 42,000 crore. At a time when Sino-US ties have soured, the decision can be of vital use to India.

The California-based US tech giant is also likely to cut down the price of the iPhone 11 after making it in India. Apparently, the product will witness a price drop during the Amazon Prime Day sale. Obviously, it will attract Indian consumers to buy the smartphone. 

For now, we await and official confirmation.
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