Keeping the Traditional ‘Warli Art’ Alive in Digital era

Bringing alive the ancient tribal art form, Ashwini Chandragiri, a Pune based artist, holds two records for her smallest Warli artwork. Her motto is to show Indian festivals and culture through the art form. The reason she started doing Warli art is to keep the Warli art alive in the digital era.

Ashwini Chandragiri, a 34-year-old has been practising Warli art for over a year and has received two India and Asia records.  She secured the India book record for making the smallest Warli Art picture that was measuring 10 cm × 10 cm on March 24, 2020. She drew nine miniature Warli pictures, using a black pen and canvas. In an exclusive conversation with Platocast, an elated Ashwini said, “I feel proud to share that I have created the smallest Warli art in India and Asia.”

Ashwini is also titled as ‘Grand Master’ for drawing a small Warli art picture of 10 cm × 10 cm as of April 27, 2020. She also holds Asia book of Warli art for making the smallest Warli art.  She said, “My Warli art canvas measurement was 10cm by 10 cm. The characters measurements were 5mm to 2cms.”

She works with an IT firm and also has been devotedly practising Warli art. “I believe in harmony between nature and human. I love the geometric patterns of humans, flowers, rituals, rural life, tribal life, etc. My favourite activity in Warli art is Tarpa dance,” She said.

Along with Warli art, Ashwini has also been doing birds pencil shading, Madhubani art and Mithila art. Currently, she is learning human portrait pencil sketching art.

Advising the budding artist, Ashwini said, ” Discover your passion, remember your goals, be creative. Keep yourself open and explore all your options. Practice makes everyone perfect.”

She also asks the artists to come forward to practice Warli art.

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  1. Please don’t fool the world under the name of dying art. We varli / warli are practicing our ancient script for more than 10thousand years. it is our custom and tradition bound by tribal customary law that our varli gods are written by four married women only at the time wedding ceremonies called chauk and palghat, few elemnts of which (except the godly images) and other elements drawn by Late Padmashri Jivya Mhase (after 1970) are becoming popular as varli art. to preserve our culture and provide economical stability to artist of our community and protect misuse of varli art by encasing popularity through monetization or by other mean by non-tribals, which is an offense as this art is registered under Geographical Indication (GI) by AYUSH ngo.
    It is requested to all responsible, well educated readers to respect our sentiments, rituals and culture. we are human beings and not articles to be preserved in museum.


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