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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Flipkart ties up with Hipbar to deliver alcohol at your doorsteps

India has witnessed a rapid growth of the e-commerce market now many such companies are coming up with a new tread in the business. The alcohol business in India is worth Rs 2.03 lakh crores

Soon after Amazon, an e-commerce site’s competitive Flipkart is all set to begin alcohol delivery. Here is what you all have to know about: 


Hipbar, alcohol delivery startup and the Walmart-owned firm, Flipkart has partnered to deliver liquor in two major cities; West Bengal and Odisha, as per the government letter verified by Reuters.

Flipkart is now coming up with the online delivery of alcohol. Customers will be enabled to use the HipBar’s application on Flipkart. As per the partnership arrangement, people can place orders which will be then delivered by collecting the products from the retailers.

Along with Amazon, Flipkart is ready to get alcohol at your doorsteps. 


Hipbar is an online alcohol delivery company based in Chennai. It was established by Prasanna Natarajan in 2015. It operates in Goa, Bengaluru and Mahe. 

It allows age verified customers to use the site and one can order any alcohol to get them delivered to their doorstep or can pick it up from their retail store. The company has a strict age verification method with standard working methods to guarantee the service and promote safe drinking condition. 

It also provides a SaaS-based e-governance method for use by Governments and a HipBar Point-of-Sale (POS) for licensed retail stores. The firm is supported by Diageo India, a beverage alcohol company. It jas a 26% stake in Hipbar. 

Flipkart & HipBar

Amazon in June obtained permission to begin alcohol delivery in West Bengal. Now, West Bengal and Odisha governments have stated that Flipkart in association with the HipBar application will deliver alcohol. 

Customers can shop alcohol through the HipBar application on Flipkart only after age verification. 

Alcohol Delivery 

After the spread of Corona Virus, a global pandemic shop, malls and many places were shut after a national wide lockdown. One among them was the alcohol shop. 

 In Kerala, customers can book their alcohol and collect it from the shop. Pune and Delhi have been giving away online tokens which will allow customers to book their spot in the alcohol outlet queues. 

In the month of June, along with few other companies, Amazon and Bigbaskret were authorised by West Bengal State Beverages Corp for online retail of liquor sales. 

Zomato and Swiggy began their alcohol delivery services from May 2020 in Jharkhand with their current technology. They now deliver in Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Odisha and Punjab. 

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