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A 14-year-old developed a sanitizer kit to sterilize vegetables

Aditya Panchpande, a 14-year-old, 9th standard student, who lives in Pune, designed a sanitizer kit to sterilize vegetables and groceries. In these tough times of corona, every household is facing trouble in sanitizing their household items, where neither soap nor alcohol-based sanitizer works. But this boy’s ‘Suraksha Kit’ will do the trick.


Aditya Panchpande and Suraksha Kit


Aditya is a 9th standard student from Indus International School, admires Elon Musk, the chief designer of SpaceX developed a sanitizing kit using UV-C rays so that people can be saved from contaminating the virus from household groceries. 


When the virus hit the world, everybody started maintaining social distancing, wash their hands numerous times, wears masks, use sanitizer to sterilize themselves, but what about the vegetables and groceries where no soap or sanitizer works?

Photo Credits: New Indian Express

During the pandemic and lockdown phase, this 14-year-old boy did his research on how to design a sanitizing kit using UVC rays in a controlled environment to kill viruses and bacteria. Finally, he came up with the solution and started distributing his product ‘Suraksha Kit’, free of cost in the vegetable markets at Dadar, Mumbai.


Is Suraksha Kit official to use?

Aditya, a young teenager, has also received a patent for his product. He recently got a letter from the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Institute, an autonomous body known for its groundbreaking Research and Development. It was stated in that letter that the product can be used for UV-C sterilizing activities on the household vegetables.


The one final evaluation report is yet to come from CSIR – CMERI. Once that happens, Aditya will be making 15,000 or more such sanitization boxes and will distribute among the poor or economically weak people in the society.

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