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Monday, April 12, 2021

A young tech genius invented a COVID-19 symptoms tracker-Platocast

Gayam Bharath Kumar Reddy, a 25-year-old young tech genius developed a COVID-19 symptoms tracking website, named C19Raksha, with his team.

He is based in Andhra Pradesh’s Guntur district. Being an average student, Bharath never cared about general studies instead, he was fascinated by studying, learning, and exploring new computer programs.

A journey of becoming an Ethical Hacker

Bharath used to spend most of his time with his computer learning about the hardware and software programs since childhood and wanted to pursue a career in computer science. Though he couldn’t, because of his academics, he never lost hope.

He used to run different experiments, and after two years, he learned about hacking. After thorough research, he becomes an Ethical Hacker certified by EC Council.

C19Raksha, the tracking website

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, though the Government is trying to put up things to help people deal with the virus, Bharath felt the need to do something for his own country. Thus, he and his team came up with a simple AI-based website that can track COVID-19 symptoms.

It is a lightweight tracker with minimum usage. The website can give results within 2 minutes. He just had to buy the domain with a certain amount of money.

How C19Raksha works?

It is a self-assessment website where the user has to answer 11 questions with yes or no options. These will be regarding the symptoms of the virus infection (whether the person who is applying for the self-assessment has a fever, or cough, or he or she has any travel history, etc.).

These questions are based on the guidelines given by the WHO and ICMR. After insertion of the information, the website will calculate the algorithm and shows the result in three risk formats (high/medium/low), instantly.

If the result shows High Risk, then the information is sent to the Medical and Health Department, and then further measures are taken accordingly. In the same way, if the applicant is showed medium or low risk, then a list of precautionary measures is given through the website. So far, the website has benefited 47,500 people.


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