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IIT Madras’s Biodegradable Wrapping Will Help In Reducing Plastic Waste

A research team led by Mukesh Doble, a professor, and Puja Kumari, a research scholar from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, developed a wrapping material. Biodegradable wrapping invented by IIT Madras researchers is biodegradable that will help in reducing plastic waste, and has an in-built anti-bacterial compound that can prevent food contamination.

This experimental project also received ‘SITARE- Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Appreciation 2020’.

Biodegradable wrapping will help in reducing plastic waste

Professor Mukesh Doble

According to the researchers, IIT Madras’s Biodegradable wrapping is to prevent food from getting contaminated by the growth of bacteria this kind of wrapping material has been developed. The anti-bacterial compound is not toxic and has been approved by many authorities.

The wrapping material is also biodegradable which means it will not pollute the environment, like the plastic wrapping materials. The degradation rate may vary from 4 to 98% within 21 days, and it gets degraded faster in moist areas than dry places.

What are the materials used in the wrapping?

Biodegradable wrapping material consists of polyvinyl alcohol, polymeric blends containing starch, cyclic beta glycans (CBG). It has given the best texture, finishing, smoothness, thickness, and clarity.

The anti-bacterial components that have been used, eugenol, chlorogenic acid, curcumin, betanin, and gallic acid. These compounds are used in Indian food.

The experiment of the wrapping

The research team of IIT Madras’s Biodegradable wrapping has given a test to see how the wrapping works. They have tested on wrapping paneer (cottage cheese, chicken, and meat) and in the experiment showed a 99.999% reduction in bacterial contamination.

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