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Monday, April 12, 2021

Blindness can be cured by Australian University’s bionic eye

The cure for blindness has been a question. The scientists from all across the world are researching to find a better cure for blindness.

Several types of research are conducted but none of the solutions was able to help in large-scale. A group from Monash University has come up with a solution where blind people may have hope and permanent cure of blindness.

According to the team, they have come up with the world’s first bionic eye. 

This system has been under development for about a decade now. The bionic eye allows optic nerves to send signals that are transmitted from the retina to the brain.

The researchers say that the individuals who are suffering from blindness would be able to wear the bionic eye With custom-designed headquarters which includes the camera and a wireless transmitter installed in it along with 9MM tiles that will allow the signals from the aforementioned receiver.

Arthur Lowery, professor at Monash University’s Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, said in a statement, “Our design creates a visual pattern from the combination of up to 172 spots of light which provides information for the individual to navigate the indoor and outdoor environment and recognise the presence of people and objects around them.” 

Researchers are also looking forward to creating systems and solutions for the neurologically untreated condition. 

The team is ready to create a system where it would treat the vision of people that Are untreatable and also help with the moment of the arms of an individual who are paralysed and transforming life.

The researchers’ team had conducted multiple trials on ships And has witnessed successful results with minute side effects and is safely implanted into their brains. They are expected to conduct the first-ever human clinical trial in Melbourne Bernie.

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