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How is getting dirty good for your child’s health?

How is getting dirty good for your child's health?
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Getting Dirty can be good for children. But the parents of the 21st century have become too protective to understand this. When they see their children playing in mud or playing with dogs or cats they usually get too protective to prohibit them from playing. What they do not notice here is that prohibiting their children to stay from dirt is debilitating their immune system. Well, previously when children spend hours playing in the rain or sun, the 21st-century kids spend their majority of time in their clean indoor spaces.

Jack Gilbert, a microbiologist ecosystem scientist at the University of Chicago and the co-author of Dirt is Good: The Advantage of Germs for your child’s developing immune system. She suggests that parents should expose their children to nature, plants, and soil on a regular basis. Protecting them too much from such an environment would affect their immune system adversely. Their immune system should know how to fight against such as germs and dust. If not exposed to any such dirty environment then get too sensitive later in life. This can also result in illness and allergies. However, exposing them to such an environment doesn’t mean to risk their hygiene habits or conditions.

Here are some of the ways parents can encourage their children to build and improve their natural immune system.

Encourage them to play outdoor

Let your children step out of your clean and safe indoor environment. Encourage them to play outside. Let them explore their options of getting dirty and enjoying themselves. Let them put their hands and legs in water and mud and pick up worms form ponds. Their natural behavior would help them to get exposure to such bacteria. This would result in developing their immune system and making them strong and healthy at the same time.

Make them friends with nature and soil-based organisms

If you are that parent who regularly uses sterilized and antiseptic products to protect them from soil-based bacteria then you are on the wrong track. Stop using it continuously as it might prevent the development of their healthy gut bacteria, which are important for enhancing immunity. Encourage them to play in soil and make them friends with soil-based bacteria. This soil-based bacteria are friendly bacteria and will help them to boost their digestive immunity.

Sun, sand, and pets are not their enemies

Playing outdoor would provide them with a number of benefits for their health. It would help them to calm and stimulate their minds. Playing in the sun would also provide them a good amount of Vitamin D. Playing in sand is also very beneficial for them. Sand contains several minerals that boost the immune system. Like for example, sand has the ability to heal cuts on your body. Similarly, letting your children play with dogs and cats won’t harm them.

Tasting isn’t always bad for your children

Little children have the tendency to taste any new thing they see. It can be a grasshopper or chalk or your car seat. It’s pretty normal for a parent to worry about it but they must resist it. Your children should get familiar with their surroundings. You must be worried that if your child gets ill after tasting such things. But a cold or cough isn’t that bad for your child. It conditions your child’s immune system to recognize the infections and fight against it.

Consuming fermented product is good for your children

Most of the germs are present in the large intestine far down in the gut. Foods such as white flour, white sugar, and refined food don’t get filtered to reach the large intestine, as it is absorbed effortlessly in the abdomen. As a parent, you need to make sure to inject microbes in your child’s gut by offering them fermented foods such as yogurt.

Gardening can be very helpful

Involving children in gardening can be the best option for you. It can your chance to introduce them to the soil conditions, bugs, insects, and microbes. The general presence of environmental organisms will build up their immune system and help them in modulating their bodily responses to fight against hazardous infections.

Here are the takeaways

No to indoors, Yes to outdoors– Encourage them to play outdoor to get familiar with dirt and dust and environment outdoor.

Freinds with soil-based organisms– Stop using sterilized and antiseptic products to protect them from soil-based bacteria. This soil-based bacteria are friendly bacteria and will help them to boost their digestive immunity.

Let them enjoy tasting them– Let them taste those new things they see. Even if they fall ill, you would know how their immune system works to get better.

Consuming fermented products– Make sure to inject microbes in your child’s gut by offering them fermented foods such as yogurt. These microbes would reach the gut, down in the large intestine to fight against the germs.

Gardening and Children- Encourage them to participate in gardening along with you as it can your chance to teach them about various insects and bugs and also making them familiar with soil conditions.

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