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Masks made out of Banana Tree parts! Here is how…

With the outbreak of the pandemic, the world has seen a rise in plastic pollution. Wearing masks and gloves are a must in these times, and thus people litter these masks here and there, inroads, sea beaches, and many more creating havoc plastic pollution. As an alternative to these plastic masks, gowns, and gloves, masks made out of Banana Tree. The parts a fiber from Banana trees is used to make masks that will be eco-friendly.

Masks made out of Banana Tree parts

Abaca is the fiber that is found in one of the Banana species from the Philippines. This fiber is used in teabags and banknotes. These are asks made out of Banana Tree parts

It takes two months to decompose but, it is as durable as the plastic ones. To prevent the environment from getting pile up with polyester masks and other things, the UN has requested the government to support the biodegradable products and easily recyclable like rice husk, natural rubber, natural fibers and masks made out of Banana tree fibers instead of the plastic materials.

The kind of fiber that is needed to make the masks are only found in the Philippines and it is the largest producer of this kind of tree in the world. Abaca is like gold to the Philippines. Because of this, the demand for the fiber Abaca will shoot up in this year by 10 percent.

Why the government is choosing an alternative method?

Plastic pollution was there even before the virus could hit the world. But, after the outbreak of the virus, the usage of plastic materials like masks, gloves, PPE suits have increased. According to various research studies, by the next 20 years, the plastic waste materials will be tripled causing harm to the environment. In stopping the virus, we are killing nature.

In a year, a single use of masks every day can accumulate 66,000 tonnes of hazardous waste and 57,000 plastic packings will be produced. Thus, the urge of using products in an alternative method has risen.

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