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School Children and Youths May Suffer From Ear Infection Due To Excess usage Of Earphones

Ear infection due to earphones is now a major issue all over the world  As we all know, work from home and online classes are now a new trend after the Covid-19 hit globally. Have you ever thought of how it is affecting your body? One of them is your ears. Read the article below to know.

Excess usage of earphones/headphones because of online classes and work from home has led the majority of them are suffering ears infection.

Ear Infection Due To Earphones

This may also lead to problems like hearing difficulties, warns the doctors. Than age-related issues, the lifestyle may cause hearing impairment says, a 2013 study of the European Journal of Public Health.

As per the study, usually, the middle and low-income nations see many such cases, especially among the children, teenagers and youngsters.

In an interview with the PTI the Head of the ENT department at the state-run JJ Hospital in Mumbai, Dr Shrinivas Chavan said, “All these complaints are directly linked to extensive use of headphones at a higher volume.”

Over Usage Of Earphones May Cause Permanent Defect

The usage of earphones may also lead to permanent damage to the ears, many people are working from home for over eight hours in a day by using headphones. Hence, this is stressing on the ears and the ear-pods which are not sterilised could possibly spread infection, says Dr Shrinivas Chavan.

By regularly cleaning the wax in the ear can cause ear pain as it opens the inner part of the ear for the bacterial infections. Usually, the earwax tends to kill the bacteria and limits infection.

In a conversation with PTI Dr Rahul Kulkarni, head of the ENT unit at Mumbai’s St George Hospital said, “Ideally, school children should not be using headphones at all. If they are attending classes on laptop or personal computers, then the device volume is sufficient.”

Doctors and specialists warns to avoid earphones as much as possible. Especially, children must avoid such devices to stay in a safer side.

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