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The need of digitized technology for quality healthcare during the pandemic

Among all the other countries in the world, India ranks the second-highest position of COVID-19 confirmed cases. To combat the pandemic situation, the International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF) took an initiative to work with Terre des Hommes Foundation (Tdh) to develop and apply the Digital Health Innovation to check COVID-19 response in India.

This will set up in Ranchi district, the capital city of Jharkhand State to help the health workers from over 80 hospitals. This Digital technology will promote quality healthcare services, will prevent infection and will keep a count on the control standards.

Why it is needed?

Though the doctors, nurses and the medical practitioners in government hospitals and private nursing homes are now trained in ways of fighting this virus, still, that is not enough.

They know how to monitor patients, examine the patients physically by checking their respiratory symptoms, but that is not sufficient to support these many patients and lacks in responding to the pandemic situation.

Jharkhand is at a very vulnerable state, as they do not have many resources. Many migrant workers returned home and most of them don’t have jobs. Thus these digitized technologies are much needed and the Indian Government requested INGOs to set up this project in Jharkhand.

What can we expect from this project?

TaiwanICDF and Tdh will work together with the doctors from the targeted 80 PHC’s of Jharkhand. A local NGO and a US-based social enterprise will also work with them.

This project will benefit the PHCs in many ways, such as COVID-19 response training and monitoring tool, live chat framework, and a digitized screening and tool for the registration and management of reported COVID-19 cases.

Thus, it will enhance the healthcare staff to treat the patients more efficiently. It is expected that through this project, it will benefit around 400,000 people.

There will be an IT expert to monitor these technologies, the response will be jointly reviewed through virtual conference set up by TaiwanICDF and its pandemic experts. By these, they will work together to combat the pandemic situation caused by a virus, COVID-19.

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