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Masons Ink is all about sustainable architecture

Sridevi Changali, based out of Bengaluru, started an architecture and design firm, Masons Ink with her friend Rosie Paul.

Architecture is not only about heritage or fancy buildings, but it is also about conserving them by creating a safer place for them. The duo has worked on 40 projects over the past seven years.

Sridevi Changali and Rosie Paul

Sridevi Changali and Rosie Paul

Sridevi and Rosie met during their college days, and because their ideologies matched, they walked on the same career path together.

They both went on to work in Puducherry with Auroville Design Consultants, and there they learnt the necessary skills to design and build b using natural building materials.

Rosie is more fascinated in building construction with mud, while Sridevi is more into sustainability (conserving heritage buildings).

Masons Ink

The main motive behind this start-up is to conserve heritage buildings, old farmhouses and NGOs. Also, their goal is to educate their clients about sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Courtyard House, PC: Masons Ink

They take projects of constructing, and they design the buildings by using mud and follow other eco-friendly procedures.

How does the firm teach to learn sustainable practices?

The firm conducts workshops and activities for architecture and designing for them who are interested in learning something different.

The workshops are held in the construction sites to explain the work details at the sites. One of the activities is that the students can build a small something following the sustainable practices which later the firm takes under their wing as their project.

The uniqueness of the duo

They do not use mud bricks every time; they search for the items that can be reused in other forms. They face challenges while spreading the awareness of sustainability, but they never lose hope.

And, the unique fact about this duo is they respect the masons and workers who work with them in the fields.

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