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A woman Scientist finds a solution for nuclear weapons

Nuclear weapons are very harmful, and it can cause hazardous effects.A Woman Scientist’s solution for nuclear weapon. Meera Chadha published a study in the “Proceedings of Royal Society A, London’ that dust can reduce the effects of nuclear weapons, recently.

Dr. Meera Chadha

About Meera Chadha, A Woman Scientist

Dr. Meera Chadha is from the Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, New Delhi. She took a year for herself and came up with research that showed how the deadly effects of the nuclear weapon be reduced with dust particles through mathematical modelling. She has proved how the blast waves from the explosion can get decayed in the process.

How Did She Come Up With The Idea?

Dr. Chadha studied about shock waves and how the dust particles can reduce energy during her Ph.D. days.

She came across a question asked by Dr. Abdul Kalam, ‘Can Science create a Cool Bomb that can defuse or deactivate the deadly atom bomb?’ in a book named ‘Science towards Spirituality’ and that made her think that lead her to research more on this topic.

She is now widely know for her findings of a solution for nuclear weapons

How Did She Make It Till Here?

The Woman Scientist Scheme (WOS A) is a fellowship of the Department of Science and Technology (DST) that provides various opportunities to women scientists and technologies who took a break or had to take a break in their career due to different reasons but desired to come back to the mainstream.

She utilized this break, and the WOS scheme gave Dr. Chadha enough flexibility concerning time and enough resources for equipment in research purposes and funds to carry out her study and achieve her dream. A woman scientist’s solution for nuclear weapon may be the may reduce the destruction.

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