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Meet Baiju Mohandas Who Is Keeping The Ancient Art Kalarippayattu Alive

Kalaripayattu is an ancient martial art form which most of them are unaware. Meet Baiju Mohandas, the guru of Kalaripayattu who is in the process to spread the art form internationally.

Baiju Mohandas – The Kalaripayattu Guru

Baiju Mohandas

Baiju Mohandas, a 32-year-old from Kerala aims to spread awareness about the traditional art form and has been doing this for 14 years now.

He did 10 days training Palakkad district police camp for this year’s police battalion. He said, “In one battalion there are 120 members who are taking the classes and, it is a self-defence training for 10 days.

Baiju Mohandas

Mohandas is not only a martial art guru but also treats people with an ancient Mrama treatment to cure various diseases.

COVID19 outbreak has affected his physical classes at Palakkad but the online classes have helped him and his students. He has students from various part of the world and different states in India.

Baiju Mohandas

Mohandas said, “Online is a good platform and has given me many opportunities.  I have students from USA, UK, Berlin, Dubai and many other places.” Many students have enrolled to his training sessions online internationally.

“My students and I are planning to open centres in different parts of the world and it will be a five-year project, Baiju Mohandas added.

He has also done many workshops on kalaripayatte to spread the word about the ancient art form. Also he is into ‘Siddha Marma’ treatment and herbal researching which is an ancient herbal

Journey Towards Being Kalaripayattu Guru

As a child, he wished to learn a martial art form but was unable to pursue any. When he was 17-years-old at his brother’s yoga centre a Kalaripayattu guru had started training. During which he began to learn the ancient martial art, “Baiju shared.

I always wondered why such methods are not easily available for people to learn. Most of the Indians have not even heard about Kalaripayattu which is also known as ‘The mother of all Martial Arts’.

Keeping the Martial Art Alive

Baiju Mohandas

This is the oldest existing ancient martial art which is said as Lord Vishnu’s avatar. Baiju Mohandas said,” I travelled to many regions in Kerala and learnt Kalaripayattu from different gurus. I started teaching in 2010 when my masters used to ask me to take the classes and I began to build my teaching skills since then.

In, 2015 he opened ‘Bodhi Kalaripayattu Centre’, a lot of foreigners used to visit the centre and they started showing interest in the art form. Which later led him to do workshops in various national and international wide platforms. He believes this journey is never-ending.

Baiju Mohandas

Baiju’s is training Kalaripayattu to his 4-year-old son to take the art form a generation ahead.

He says, “I believe our tradition has the answers for all the problems. I aim to promote ‘back to our tradition to live a healthy life’.

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