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Meet the woman who has rehabilitated over 240 street dwellers by giving them a new lease of life

Manisha is a lecturer at the Nandha College of Nursing. She started to serve the needy while she was studying nursing and started working with government hospitals. 

Manisha rehabilitates 240 street dwellers and drug dealers

Manisha Krishnasamy rehabilitates 240 street dwellers and poor by providing them the essentials. A 23-year-old from Erode is giving a new life to the people who live on the streets and have also been rehabilitating drug addicts. 

She has been dedicatedly working on serving the needy for the past two years with her Jeevitham foundation. 

Manisha’s Jeevitham foundation is rehabilitating poor who are homeless to drug addicts.

Professional life leads to fulfilling her vision 

Manisha Krishnasamy rehabilitates 240 street dwellers
Image: Manisha Krishnasamy

She dreamt of being a doctor and wanted to pursue medicine after my 12th standard. But, didn’t have enough financial support. She then joined enrolled in the JKKN College of Nursing and Research choosing to become a nurse. 

Manisha Krishnasamy is a lecturer at the Nandha College of Nursing. She started to serve the needy while she was studying nursing and started working with government hospitals. 

Soon after she decided to take this forward and started various initiatives to assist the homeless people. 

“My professional experience has helped me with my vision to serve the needy people”. 

Manisha Krishnasamy rehabilitates 240 street dwellers

She was born in a family where her father was a butcher and her mother was a housewife. 

During her childhood, she used to help her father every day to run the shop. That’s when she realised there are several hardships that her father faced. 

She started to empathise at a very young age towards the poor after facing many difficulties and understanding her father’s hardship.

Manisha Krishnasamy with her initiative is serving needy

Manisha started by providing essentials like food, clothes and blankets in her own pocket money. Not just that, she wanted to mentally support them, which led her to spend quality time with the needy. 

She then began to volunteer with various NGOs. But, due to male dominance during the field works she came up with her initiative. 

“I came across a social media post of an 80-year-old who was malnourished and was living on the streets. He was starving and had no basic needs. After seeing the post I soon connected with the person who shared the photo. I was living in Trichy during that time, after knowing his whereabouts I visited him in Tanjavoor to help the poor old man,” Manisha said. 

“Before even I visited I reached out to a nearby old age home so that I could admit him there. None of them came forward to support him and his condition was really bad. After seeing him in that condition I had to create a change, that’s when I came up with the Jeevitham foundation.” 

With the help of her friends, she started the foundation with her savings. Manisha Krishnasamy rehabilitates 240 street dwellers. Her parents didn’t support her vision but she took the thing in her own had.  

Manisha said, “I have been living alone as my parents didn’t want me to stay with them after I started the initiative. It’s been three years that I haven’t seen them. I still believe that someday they will understand and talk to me. I am grateful that I have learnt the values of helping others from my father.” 

Chance to live a quality life 

Manisha Krishnasamy rehabilitates 240 street dwellers

Manisha’s Jeevitham foundation has tied up with seven old age homes and rehabilitation centres. After surveying they separate people by their age and the category-leading to counselling. The foundation helps trying to reconnect the homeless with their families. 

“If there is o luck in finding them their families we give shelter and basic needs. The ones below 40 are trained to work where many of them are already working in various job sectors. In our foundation, we provide counselling, medical facilities and others to support the needy and rehabilitate drug addicts and roadside dwellers.”

She dreams to build a home to rehabilitate more people who live on the street and help them by creating a workspace and training them to live an independent life. 

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