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Neha Bhatt, A Young Innovator Finds Solution For Farmers Problems; Won Third Place At The CSIR

A 15-year-old Neha comes from a farmers family herself who grows the areca nut. This led her to experiment with her innovation to help farmers in spraying pesticides with her automated machine.

Neha Bhatt, a young innovator from Puttur in Dakshina Kannada witnessed the farmers facing problem in spraying pesticides, especially who are growing Areca nut. She decided to create a machine that would help the farmers hence she came up with an automatic sprayer which is easy and simple to use. 

In Innovation Award for School Children 2020, she won third place at the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research for her innovation to help the farmers. 

Neha Bhatt – A Young Innovator

Image: Neha Bhatt

Neha Bhatt, a young innovator speaking to The Indian Express said, “Two years ago, I conducted a survey among farmers about spraying pesticides on the areca nut trees. I found that it was quite challenging for them as the gator pumps they used requires two people.

She said, “While one person stands below the tree and presses the pump, the other climbs up to spray the pesticide. Aside from this, proximity to the chemicals in the pesticide caused severe health problems.”

“I decided to develop something useful that would help farmers do their work and minimise their health risks. Thus, the automated sprayer machine came into the picture,” Neha Bhatt, Neha Bhatt, A Young Innovator young innovator said. 

Automatic Sprayer Machine

Image: Neha Bhatt, Automatic Sprayer Machine

A 15-year-old comes from a farmers family herself who grows the areca nut. This led her to experiment with her innovation. She was able to develop the sprayer machine at her residence.

Neha further added, “Though the machine that I have developed is new, the gator pump and other smaller parts used were all second-hand and some of them were even available at home.

“My parents, Atal Tinkering Labs at Vivekananda English Medium School and NXplorers helped me build this machine that weighs 30 kg and includes a diesel motor, battery, two gator pumps, pressure release valves, a gearbox and liquid level indicator. The kit is fixed on a cart so that it can be moved around easily,” she added.

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