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Ngurang Meena is promoting learning through “Ngurang Learning Institute”

Ngurang Meena, based out of Arunachal Pradesh, who is an economic teacher by profession, started an NGO named ‘Ngurang learning Institute’ along with one of her friends to promote the reading habit among people of different age limits.

Ngurang learning Institute is in Nirjuli, a town in the Papum Pare district of Arunachal Pradesh.

The town is 19 km far from the capital Itanagar. Thus, Meena believes that her self-help library initiative will help the readers to bridge the distance.

Ngurang Meena

PC: Ngurang Learning Institute ( Facebook)

Meena is an economics teacher by profession and works in a Government Secondary School at Rajiv Gandhi University Campus in Doimukh. She graduated from MCC Bangalore and did a Masters Degree in economics along with B.Ed. from Rajiv Gandhi University Arunachal Pradesh.

Her parents were her role models, and she named her NGO after her late father’s name, who was killed in rivalry by other politicians.

The idea behind the formation of NGO

The street library idea was inspired by the Mizoram Street Library project, where many people are seen reading for hours from a small wooden shelf attached to a wall. Meena got the idea from little free libraries (LFLs) that have opened in Aizawl by a small library movement members.

PC: Ngurang Learning Institute (Facebbok)

The main motive behind this initiative is to enrich the tribal people in literacy, and as the pandemic has put a hold on the studies, she wanted to help them in reading and writing. Meena preaches, ‘Padhega to badhega India’.

How does the NGO function?

Ngurang Learning Institute is a self-funded NGO thus it is not eligible for Government aid. Meena has given Rs 10,000 to stack the books and another Rs 10,000 to construct library shelves from her salary.

The library has a simple bookshelf with a couple of wooden benches. The area is covered with plastic sheets in case of rain. Books from Malgudi Days, the Alchemist to Darwin’s Origin of Science, are there on the shelves.

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