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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Ramu Dospati creates an ATM that feeds food for the needy

The ‘Anna data’ (a person who feeds rice) from Hyderabad came up with an initiative that helped many people who didn’t have anything to eat.

Ramu Dosapati, a resident of Hyderabad, an HR manager by profession, opened an ATM (All-Time Meals/Materials) through which they distribute rice and other materials. He started this project with his money.



How did he get the idea of his project?

In April, one of his journalist friends called him to inform that few migrant workers were staying at the railway station and had nothing to eat. So, Rama’s wife prepared a meal for them, and he distributed that among them. At that time, he realized that there are others also in the same condition because of the outbreak of the virus.

This pandemic has made a lot of people jobless without income, and they have nothing to eat. Ramu got inspired by the watchwoman who fed the needy ones with her limited income. 


The ration items that ATM provide

Ramu realized that preparing meals was too difficult for them, and he chose another method of distributing raw materials in a kit, which includes apart from rice are, edible oil, pulses, chili powder, turmeric, sugar, and tea.

The kits will last for four to five days, and one kit can feed up to four people. His wife packs the ration kits, and he distributes among the people who need them.

He also follows the environment-friendly procedure, and thus he uses reusable cloth bags for packaging instead of plastic ones. Hyderabad has over one crore population, and Ramu doesn’t want to see anybody sleeping with hunger.



How does Ramu manage?

In the beginning, Ramu used 1 lakh from his savings account and 3 lakhs from his Provident Fund. His wife is a school teacher, and she also lends her hand in this novel initiative. Soon he was on the verge of closing it down. But then he received donations from his friends and other people whom he inspired with his works. 

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