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Saanvi Mehra detects Down Syndrome by seeing the child’s photograph

She intends to create a specific algorithm that could identify the risk of miscarriages. In India, approximately 30 000 children are born with Down Syndrome.

Saanvi Mehra detects Down Syndrome by just seeing the photographs of the children after her own experience.

Saanvi Mehra, a student at Class X discovered that her family was one of the privileged. While her mother was pregnant with her younger sister, the doctors told her that the baby may be in danger with Down syndrome.

Saanvi Mehra detects Down Syndrome 

The test findings were negative when tested, Saanvi decided to do anything to support her mother and families who may not be as fortunate as her.

Since telephone calls is far higher in India than adequate healthcare care, she wanted to take her diagnostic assistance online.

Saanvi, a 15-year-old has enlisted her thesis in Google’s India Learning Project, an algorithm that correctly identifies the danger and ability of a child suffering from Down Syndrome in a race.

Saanvi said to Edexlive, “It’s an AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) engine using the Google Cloud auto ML, which is Google’s AIML engine.

So you take photographs of the child and feed it to the system and it can determine whether the child has Down Syndrome through visual parameters, because children having Down Syndrome have distinct features like narrow eyes and flattened noses.

I set some parameters, adjusted the sensitivity of each feature and then tested it on the photographs.”

The algorithm performs well for children below 5, as well as for older adults since they are generally similar.

Saanvi came back in 2016 to hear regarding the contest by her computer teacher. But this year, she was able to find time to research those AI mechanisms while

She relates to her own experience and developed this project. She further said, “During my mother’s second pregnancy, fortunately, we were living in a big city and we were able to afford the necessary tests.

However, I know that that’s not the case for everyone and this being very personal to me, it struck me as something worth raising my voice for.

Early detection and treatment of Down Syndrome could change the lives of so many children in India.”

The method is not available yet, but Saanvi is aiming to collaborate with physicians and hospitals to review for its scientific feasibility, and eventually expecting to create a smartphone application that is open to all.

Saanvi aims to operate at both the healthcare and technology crossroads into the future.

She intends to create a specific algorithm that could identify the risk of miscarriages. In India, approximately 30 000 children are born with Down Syndrome.

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