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Ahead of Solar Eclipse on June 21, do’s and don’ts you need to know to protect yourself!

The annular solar eclipse or surya grahan is falling on June 21 this year. It is rather interesting to note that several myths and superstitions are associated with eclipses across the world, from keeping children and pregnant women away to avoiding travel.

So ahead of it, we list down few do’s and don’ts to protect yourself from the solar eclipse:


Even during a normal day, looking directly at the Sun isn’t advisable. So when it comes to Solar Eclipse, one should always use special-purpose solar filters or ‘eclipse glasses’ to protect yourself. According to National Astronomical Space Administration (NASA), homemade filters or ordinary sunglasses are not recommended. Even the darkest of sunglasses cannot be used to protect the eyes during the Solar Eclipse. Additionally, even while shielding the eyes during grahan, don’t remove the glasses until you have completely looked away and don’t stop shielding the eyes until it is over.

Solar Eclipse

Meanwhile, it is tempting to capture the Solar Eclipse or use a telescope or binoculars to catch a closer view, but scientists advise against it since in such cases, there is direct harm to the eyes. Also for near or farsighted people, there is no need to remove your glasses and the ‘eclipse glasses’ can go over them.


Driving during the surya grahan isn’t advisable at all. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), one should drive with their headlights on and park their cars safely with proper equipment and gear before observing the event on June 21. In cases where you have to step out for some emergency, make sure to look out for other distracted drivers and make sure to keep additional spaces between the vehicles.

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