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Here is how cigarette butts can be recycled into bricks

Over 6 trillion cigarettes are produced every year, globally. Nature is at risk as 1.2 million tons of toxic waste is dumped into the environment.

Thus, the researchers from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) have come up with a plan that industries from waste management and raw material (brick-making) companies can collaborate to recycle cigarette butts into bricks.

The research study of the recycle

The study showed that if 2.5 percent of the brick-making companies use 1 percent of the cigarette butts, then it would recycle the whole cigarette production over the year.

One percent of cigarette butts make a huge difference in normal bricks because they use less energy in their production. The cigarette butts are very harmful as it carries toxic chemicals which can cause cancer.

The recycling butts will reduce the environmental problems and the brick-making cost at the time of production. We need to stop littering cigarette butts here and there causing severe trouble for the environment and polluting streets, rivers, and oceans.

If these companies collaborate, better quality bricks can be produced at a larger scale for the mass.

Purpose of the research

The research has the main vision, and that is a world free of cigarette butts. The study which the researchers have provided with various methods recycle can be done by using whole butts, shredded butts, pre-shredded, or before mixing while brick-making in other materials. The research study also mentioned maintaining health and safety.

To burn the bricks, it takes 30 hours, but if one percent of a cigarette butt used, then it will reduce by 10 percent. In this way, financial saving will be manageable.

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