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Earth’s North Magnetic Pole is drifting: Here’s why

The North Magnetic Pole of Earth was changing its place previously too, but this time scientists were able to notice a profound change(from Canada to Siberia). Researchers said that numerous changes are going in between the flow of molten material inside the planet that’s changing the negative magnetic flux.

North Magnetic Pole’s Continuous Movements:

In the 1830s, a scientist found that the North magnetic pole was changing its place slowly. Although they were not sure about the numbers. But in research that took place between 1990 and 2005, that rate of change of North Magnetic Pole uplifted its speed from 15 km per year to 50-60 km per year.

Internal changes of Earth are considered as the major reason. As with such changes, the magnetosphere of Canada loosen its influence, and hence the North magnetic pole moved towards Siberia.

Who’s controlling the North Magnetic Pole of Earth?

 Dr. Phil Livermore, who is the Lead study author from the School of Earth and Environment, states that two spots of the magnetic field are controlling Earth’s North Magnetic Pole. Those are the ones that are underneath Canada and Siberia.

There is a stiff competition between both of these magnetic fields. Because of the less magnetic influence of Canada, the North Magnetic Pole moved towards Siberia. It can even change its position by some other magnetic field.

History of Magnetic Spots:

The Canadian Magnetic spot has been winning in the race of higher magnetic influence. But from a few years, it’s been noticed that because of internal molten flow changes, the magnetic spot influence of Canada is getting weak, and the Siberian spot is being enhanced.

It ultimately states that history has been changed. The European Space Agency said they have been following Earth’s Magnetic Field data for several years, and they can notice numerous changes in it.

World Magnetic Model
Picture Credit: (NOAA NCEI/CIRES)

They also added that Earth’s Magnetic Field plays a vital role in protecting Earth from the harmful effects of solar radiation. Moreover, it’s also a reason behind the correct reading from our compass or GPS.

How it is going to impact our daily life?

The North Magnetic Pole changes are so large that they are going to affect several things in our daily life. Such it’s going to shake the navigation systems and data from mobile phones, Airplanes, Ships, and many more. Hence to offer correct readings for navigation systems, Scientists are working on an emergency update. That will help them make changes in the World Magnetic Model.

Discovery of the new North:

With a new World Magnetic Model, we would be able to get a new North. Moreover, the wait for a new North is over now. An official release of World Magnetic Model is live.


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